Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

I Will Kill Again

I’ve mentioned before how much I’m enjoying the Jarvis Cocker album Jarvis, which, while not as brilliant as Pulp in their prime, is still pretty damn sharp and a worthy addition to his oeuvre. It finds Cocker, after being away for five years dabbling in electronica, appearing in Harry Potter films and generally inspecting the state of the world, reporting back on his findings and being none to impressed.

While musically things veer toward the midtempo, the rather lush, classic-sounding arrangements suits the material perfectly though Cocker hasn’t foresaken the big pop numbers as evidenced by the opening salvo of “Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time”, “Black Magic” and “Heavy Weather”. And that’s fine because rocking out was never what Pulp was about anyways – it was about Cocker and his words, his wonderfully acidic words and it’s so good to see that age hasn’t dulled the sharpness of his pen. In fact he plays the curmudgeon quite well though that’s probably of no surprise to anyone. Currently only available as an import (though I paid a regular domestic price), it will be officially released in North America on April 3. Highly recommended and let me just say it’ good to have Jarv back.

And while on the subject, I noticed that Pulp’s classic trilogy – His ‘N Hers, Different Class and This Is Hardcore were given the double-disc deluxe reissue treatment last year (though for the record, I don’t think We Love Life was nearly as bad as some do). My question is, does anyone have these, and are they worth the rather steep price of admission? I figure I should at least get the Hardcore one, that being my favourite Pulp album and the number of new material on disc two looking quite worthwhile, but how about the others? These acquisitions will likely be in addition to The Peel Sessions record which I didn’t even know it existed before seeing the Pitchfork writeup.

What can I say? I’ve been feeling all kinds of 1995 lately. It’ll pass.

MP3: Jarvis Cocker – “Running The World”
Video: Jarvis Cocker – “Running The World” (YouTube)
Video: Jarvis Cocker – “Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time” (YouTube)

The Shins talk to various media outlets around the world, including The Scotsman, The Sydney Morning Herald, Incendiary (out of The Netherlands) and AZCentral.com.

Leeds Music Scene and The Daily Collegian talk to The Hold Steady.

Billboard pegs the release of Baby 81, the new album from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, for May 1.

Show announcements, big and small – The Killers are at the Air Canada Centre on May 7, The Frames at the Phoenix on April 20 and Birdmonster at the Horseshoe on March 28.

24: Random observations: Milo is so totally putting the moves on Nadia – “Here, use my login…” = CTU PILLOW TALK. The detention camp has truly the worst security ever – never mind missing a cellphone in their cavity searches (it wasn’t even a RAZR), they’ve somehow got NO guards in the yard where they’ve got supposed terrorists or collaborators gathering en mass. Lameness. And after getting the bag treatment from Jack (surely soon to be a staple in the arsenal of every sadistic older brother), Graem finally gets some payback though I have to stop watching the scenes from next week’s episode – not that I expected him to get away with anything, but it’s kind of disappointing to see how quickly he bungles it all. I can only hope that at some point, we get to see James Cromwell throw some haymakers. He’s old but he’s wiry. You know he’s got some moves. Need more 24? Watching 24 is your fix. Via Earfarm.

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  1. Kevon says:

    Below is a link to something my wife wrote on her LiveJournal back in November about Jarvis Cocker’s "Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time" and its striking similarity to a Dion track from 1975. Chromewaves readers might find it interesting…


  2. EF Matt says:

    Awesome to see this post. Cocker’s album actually ended up on my year end list…I think it’s really good and got better and better with more listens. Then again, I’ve been a bit of a Pulp freak since 1994 so I’m a bit biased. Keeping that in mind, I got all three of the reissues and the Peel sessions disc and I love them all. Though I’d say the Different Class one is the least essential.

  3. Ross says:


    (is that enough? good.)

    All I kept thinking during the last 15 minutes of 24 was given their vast height differences, how is it possible that Jack and Graem came from the same lineage as their father? The man has almost a foot on both of them. Sure Jack is a flawed hero, but what the hell stunted his growth? Did his father use the bag-over-the-head routine on them to stop them crying in the crib? Did his dad stop feeding them to get advice on how their school days were? I mean, unless Jack’s dad drops the a-bomb on him – you were adopted – this could be the most reality-undermining casting decision since we were to believe that Al Pacino could pummel Henry Rollins in Heat.

    and enough with the longing stares between Jack and his sister-in-law! when are we going to find out how Jack pulled a fredo on Graem with his wife? Graem’s snide remark about Teri could be the tip of a frosty Bauer Christmas story.

    and it wasn’t until i understood system justification theory that i was able to reconcile my disappointment with Jack growing up rich. this site helped:

    what i’m trying to say about this season of 24 is that I am really enjoying myself.

  4. Seth says:

    AFAIK, the Jarvis album has already been released in Canada (through Rough Trade). April 3rd is the US date. I don’t think it’s an import here in Canada.

  5. juepucta says:

    It is an import, i think. But it has a normal price – which i know doesn’t make much sense.

    I don’t know why the USians don’t just buy from Canadian online retailers instead of letting themselves be gouged. HMV.ca (now part of Amazon) or something other.


  6. any day now says:

    I think Jarvis is possibly the only man to appear in a corduroy jacket and actually look half decent in it. Also I don’t really understand why there was such a negative response to ‘We Love Life’ – more subdued than Pulp’s previous efforts perhaps? Anyway, anything produced by Scott Walker cannot be bad in my view.

  7. sean says:

    Even worse than the "scenes from next week’s episode" are the "scenes from the episode that airs as soon as this teaser finishes" that 24 seems to have started running. You know, sometimes you just want to let the story unfold without the teasers. Not much you can do to avoid them if they are running at the last possible moment before the show starts.

  8. Five says:

    I noticed the height difference between Jack’s brother and his "dad." It sure looks like mom might have some explaining to do. They hyped Jack’s dad in the last episode and all I could think was… Donald Sutherland. THAT would have been great.

  9. Frank says:

    there wasn’t any big secret that Papa Bauer was James Cromwell – it was spoken of openly in the pre-season press rounds and they did show him in last week’s preview. They tried to get Donald Sutherland but he was unavailable due to another project he’s in.

    But that would have been awesome.

  10. sam says:

    should’ve checked the Donald’s schedule before going ahead with the storyline this year, then. i’m with Five on this one — highly disappointed. now i can’t watch Cromwell/Jack’s Dad without thinking ‘Donald’s replacement!’ :) (true.)

    btw, i try to stay away from any kid of 24-related promo before i watch the episodes.

  11. TS says:

    Just watch the Global feed – they don’t have scenes from the following week. Or be like me – put your hands over your ears and sing lalala!