Saturday, January 27th, 2007

CONTEST – Grizzly Bear @ Lee's Palace, February 6, 2007

Grizzly Bear had a breakout 2006, collecting critical raves for their album Yellow House and a high-profile tour opening for fellow Brooklynite it-band, TV On The Radio. It was also, unfortunately, a break-in year with band being robbed and their gear stolen in Brussels last November.

But undeterred, they’re hitting the road again this Winter and will be at Lee’s Palace in Toronto on February 6 with Dirty Projectors and I want you to be there. Courtesy of Against The Grain, I’ve got three pairs of passes to the show to give away and winning couldn’t be simpler. Actually, it could, but not by much.

To enter, leave me a comment on this post telling me your thoughts on who would win in an ultimate fighting match and why – Winnie The Pooh, Paddington Bear, Tenderheart Bear (of The Care Bears) or Boo-Boo Bear. I’d have said Yogi but he’s have an obvious size advantage to say nothing being smarter than the average bear whereas Pooh, on the other hand, is a bear of very little brain. Gotta keep a level playing field. The contest closes at midnight, February 1.

And while you’re pondering this cosmic question, check out this piece at Daytrotter wherein guitarist Daniel Rossen lists off all the stuff he’s into right now, or if you haven’t seen it, this bathroom concert for La Blogotheque.

MP3: Grizzly Bear – “On A Neck, On A Spit”
MP3: Grizzly Bear – “Colorado”
MP3: Grizzly Bear – “Knife”
MP3: Grizzly Bear – “Lullabye”
MySpace: Grizzly Bear

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  1. Jim says:

    Paddington Bear hands down: He comes from darkest Peru, and was brought up by his aunt who took him in after he was orphaned by an evil earthquake. He stowed away on a ship’s boat headed for England after learning English–do you know how hard it is for a bear to learn a new language? Then to have the balls to sit on a train station platform with a note attached to him saying "please look after this bear" goes beyond courgae into insanity. In a fight, Paddington would go balistic on those other bears because of all the repressed anger from his childhood. Paddington is hardcore.

  2. bearz says:

    tenderheart bear because he can just use that stomach to blast through every bear with his super powered caring.

    ps. I have tickets to the NYC show and dont’ live in Toronto, but wanted to answer
    it’s true, tenderheart would win, superpowers>natural strength

  3. Erin Murphy says:

    Winne The Pooh. why? Because he is Pooh!

  4. andrea says:

    of course tenderheart… dude has an army of bears he can call in for backup. PLUS care bear cousins, and international liaisons (the perfect and polite pandas). these guys eat ppl like no heart and beastly for breakfast. care bears staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare.

  5. makeda says:

    Winnie The Pooh, because he’s not…the brightest, and Paddington and Tenderheart would feel too much pity for him to fight him. Winning by default is still an honourable win!

  6. ViolaDwyerS says:

    Paddington. All the way. The soft-spoken bit is all a facade. He learned how to handle himself in darkest Peru. You don’t want to mess with the muscle under that toggle coat.

  7. Daniel DeBiasi says:

    Winnie the Pooh for sure. With such a kind and gentle demeanor, he’s surely hiding a fire inside. If pushed to the breaking point, watch winnie release the fury and bring the pain.

  8. Ryan Mercer says:

    Winnie, because he can call upon the help of mighty Christopher Robin if the battle seems lost…and everyone knows Christoper Robin is one bad shut your mouth.

  9. Tanner Cormier says:

    To be honest, Boo-Boo would take the competition anyday. This lovable stodge is deceptive in his demeanor, and would be more than able to step up to the plate and defend his honour (as well as save the embarassment of getting beaten down in front of the other residents of Jellystone – I think we all know how he can get sometimes). Furthermore, he’s got the undying support of Yogi and Cindy Bear, and I’m sure the Ranger Smith would be more than a little interested in cheering him on, despite past feuds. And if Boo-Boo was really taking it hard, Yogi would most definitely step in and lay the competition to rest.

    Boo-Boo Bear:
    Strengths: Logic and practicality
    Super-powers: Boring the opposing parties to death with long winded rants a la Ross from Friends.
    Magical Weapons: "Pickanic" baskets of doom, and I’m pretty sure he hides some razor sharp throwing stars in that excellent bow tie of his.

  10. Paul says:

    I reluctantly choose Winnie The Pooh over my personal favourite, Paddington. Why? Pooh has a Posse to help him. Led by the unruly Christopher Robin, this gang of forest misfits includes Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Eeyore, Piglet, the Owl, the Rabbit, and others. Big advantage. And would the other Care Bears come down from their fluffy clouds to make the save for Tenderheart?

  11. Lana says:

    duh, tenderheart bear. love always wins.

  12. erich hildebrandt says:

    i could see Winnie the Pooh as the kind of bear-mother who might be nasty if pushed.

    whatever happened to Paddington Bear anyway?

  13. raychel says:

    I think everyone else is forgetting that this isn’t a tag-team situation. Just pure bear on bear on bear on bear action. So Paddington bear is the clear winner. any bear who can make it out of darkest Peru, can make it anywhere.

  14. Erik Smith says:

    I’m giving this one to Boo-Boo. He’s small, but he’s conniving. I can see it in his eyes. He’s a stone cold killer.

  15. jon. says:

    boo-boo by default. the other 3 bears are clearly fags.

  16. Gal says:

    he’s maybe sweet talking but can throw a punch!
    And if things come to worse he can sweet talk the judges…

  17. andrea says:

    tenderheart bear cause he wins with love

  18. jeremy says:

    Tenderheart totally. None of the other bears can even touch the heart chakara respledance of TH. How the eff does a raincoat standup against pure heart chakra?!?! It’s like the laser from real genius against a pen light from walmart. No contest. And Winnie the Pooh, another bear loosely asociated with faggy raingear…totally addicted to honey, and thus entirely manupulatable, and thus totally owned. And the other bear, Boo-Boo, no namer, 2nd rate, no pouridge deservin’, barely bear. They all make smokey the bear look fierce.

    Tenderheart is the only choice.

  19. craig mailman says:

    Tenderheart Bear because he’s to nice to punch you in the face, he would just make you tap out from various choke holds while saying "man i really dont want to hurt you, your my friend" or just straight blast ya with this carebare stare.

  20. Nicole says:

    Paddington Bear would totally win. He is the most ingenious of them all. He can actually build things and be creative. pooh just eats honey. tenderheart.. well do i really need to say why he would lose.. a little "tender"… And boo-boo although he is an awesome side-kick I think he is a little too stoned to kick ass on his own. so, hands down paddington bear would kick ass… with his sticky baseball bat that he makes out of splintered wood and honey as glue. :)

  21. Thierry says:

    I say Paddington Bear – mainly because of the awesome power of delicious marmalade sandwiches, but also because he probably has whatever he needs to defeat the others hidden in that suitcase of his. Perhaps only Jack Bauer could stop him. Oh, wait – wrong post. ;)

  22. withheld says:

    winnie the pooh he a og

  23. ZOOM ZOOM says:

    My guess would have to be that Pooh Bear would win in a fight against his rival bear folk. Simply because he I bumped into him the other day, and he was raping about his bi*ches and hoes whilst smearing honey over my ass. It was an experience to die for. Anyway, pooh bear or MC poo as he’s known in his hip hop circles then told me he had some cronies that could secretly back him up in such a fight. In fact he was soooooo mad when he read all the other postings that think he wouldn’t win, he proceeded to smear the computer monitor with honey and then ate his own faeces. What a mentalist. Anyway, yeah he’d win for sure. Safe. Ooh did I mention he has a pimp cane which he uses as a splint if any of his limbs get broken in a fight. Preparation is key to sucess.