Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Red Sea Black Sea

Though recorded several months ago, the session that Shearwater recorded for Daytrotter is finally online. There’s four tracks from Palo Santo as well as one lovely new song that I want to say something about but which I must refrain from doing so for the time being.

Even though Jonathan Meiburg was “appalled” at the sound of his voice, which was a little worse for wear after their Fall tour. Listening to these tracks, it’s obvious he’s being far too hard on himself – the only evidence that anything’s amiss is a bit of a rasp and that he doesn’t quite reach for the high notes. But the whole band is in fine form and the songs sound stately, moody and marvelous, regardless.

There’s also an interview with the band about the relationship between Shearwater and Okkervil River, Jonathan’s interests in ornithology and Howard Draper’s first meeting with Joanna Newsom. Meiburg has just returned from one of the sojourns to the Falklands mentioned in the piece and promises big happenings with the band in 2007 (including an April tour with Xiu Xiu) and I for one can’t wait to find out what.

The band behind almost everyone (else)’s album of the year, TV On The Radio, hit the road this Spring and stop at the Kool Haus on March 4. Full dates at BrooklynVegan.

Ocean Drive celebrates the year in Cat Power (via RBally) while Aversion reports why you won’t be getting the Cat Stevens cover she recorded for a diamonds commercial anytime soon.

The Canadian Press talks to Julien Mineau of Malajube about the inroads made by Francophone bands in the English-speaking Canadian music markets this year.

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  1. TJ says:

    Awesome. Thanks for the tip on the Daytrotter session. This version of "Hail Mary" is deadly.

  2. Marc says:

    1. Twilight Singers < Powder Burns
    2. Arab Strap < The Last Romance
    3. The Gothic Archies < The Tragic Treasury
    4. Creeper Lagoon < Long Dry Cold
    5. Built To Spill < You In Reverse
    6. Peeping Tom < self-title
    7. Dr. Octagon < The Return of Dr. Octagon
    8. Keene Brothers < Blues and Boogie Shoes
    9. Shotgun & Jaybird < Trying To Get Somewhere
    10. The evens < Get Evens

  3. Calum says:

    Are you sure they’re touring with Xiu Xiu? I only ask because Xiu Xiu is touring with Sunset Rubdown in the Spring…

  4. Frank says:

    that’s what Jonathan said on the Shearwater message board, so I’d assume so? Maybe all three?