Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Words You Used To Say

Remember last month when I opened myself up to scorn and ridicule by fretting about how I should file the new EP and album from Dean & Britta (as in Wareham and Phillips and alphabetically filed under “D”), considering their last release came out credited to Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham (alphabetically filed under “P”)?

Well as it turns out, I’m not the only one losing sleep over it – Dean told Pitchfork that it was actually a conscious choice to change the band name and that henceforth, Dean & Britta it shall be. So I wasn’t crazy, it actually a thing. Sort of. Oh, and they talk about other stuff in the Pitchfork piece, like making the new record, what the rest of Luna are up to and what it would take to get a Galaxie 500 reunion to happen (cash, lots of cash).

Anyways, the recently-released EP Words You Used To Say has been happily spinning in my CD player for the last while and if it’s a sample of what to expect from the full-length Back Numbers next year, expect more lush and laid-back (though apparently string-less) strummy pop covers and originals in the vein of 2003’s L’Avventura. You can hear the title track from the EP on their MySpace and 30-second clips from all the songs on the album at Zoe Records, who will be releasing it on February 27 – a full month later than originally reported.

The Dears (who, incidentally, are filed right beside Dean & Britta in my CD racks) tell The Winnipeg Sun they’re really very happy. Really.

Also uncharacteristically happy these days – Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse, who tells Pitchfork why. Though the accompanying photo is kind of creeping me out.

And how can we forget the poster girl for “feeling much better now”, miss Cat Power? She tells McGill Daily, “I never realized that [audiences] liked me before. I was so filled with self-hatred; I never realized that people were coming to see me play. I never knew that before. These people stuck with me”. Toronto will show Chan some love when she plays the Phoenix tonight. And her show from Washington DC this past Monday night is now streaming at NPR.

The first single from the new Shins record is now available to download from SubPop. Wincing The Night Away is out January 23.

MP3: The Shins – “Phantom Limb”

Billboard finds out what’s happening in Bob Mould land – a new album slated for a June release and a live DVD from the Body Of Song tour.

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  1. bozairzere says:

    I can’t stop listening to the new D&B ep! Bummer about the release date being pushed. Funny, when I went to by it, it wasn’t in the bin under "P" as was the previous releases. I ended up finding it in the Luna section.