Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

CONTEST – Transmission Festival @ The Roundhouse, Vancouver – December 1 & 2

Not to be all muscling in on Quinn’s turf, but I’ve got a contest that should be of interest to readers out in turbidity central, aka Vancouver. The Transmission Festival is an industry shindig going down in Lotusland next week and the part that will be of interest to you folks is the industry-only showcase happening on December 1 and 2. Performing will be:

Small Sins
Hawksley Workman
My Latest Novel
Coral Egan
Amy Milan
Mr. Hudson & the Library
DJ Champion
Jets Overhead
Hell On Wheels
The Little Ones
Luke Doucet
Fleet Foxes
Super 700

As you can see, they’ve assembled a very deep and international lineup of talent who will be playing over the two nights, trying to impress a gaggle of coked-up music execs… and you! Even though it’s an invite-only soiree, I’ve got a pair of passes to both nights for some lucky Vancouverite (or person willing to be a Vancouverite for a weekend) to help them forget about their rain and water quality issues.

To enter, email me at with “I want to go to Transmission” in the subject line and your full name in the body. This contest has to happen fast, so it’ll run till midnight on November 26 and then, no more. Though to better your odds, From Blown Speakers also has a pair of passes to give away though his contest wraps up tomorrow.

But that’s not your only opportunity to catch some of these bands – the festival will be holding a block party on the 2nd at the Vancouver Art Gallery at the Georgia Street Plaza and will be free to everyone, rain or shine. My money is on rain. But performing at this will be Hawksley Workman & The Wolves, K’Naan, DJ Champion, Mr Hudson & The Library, My Latest Novel, Hell On Wheels and Yuca. You can get information on this here and at their MySpace. Yes, even parties have MySpace pages now.

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations to Mark for winning the passes.

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