Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

This Is Not What You Had Planned

This is downright curious – go to the website for Wind-Up Records. As quickly as possible, turn off the Evanessence audio. Click on the “Coming Soon” link at the bottom right of the “New Releases” thing on the middle of the left side. See where it says that The Wrens’ Silver and Secaucus albums will be reissued digitally on September 26? WTF? Recall that these were the records that Absolutely Kosher offered $100,000 for the rights for a while back (and were rebuffed). And to make things even stranger, MusicTap is saying that Silver will get a (presumably physical) release on November 14. Again – WTF? Anyone know the score?

But whatever the deal is, I think everyone can agree that we’d all like new Wrens material more than a constant rehashing of the back catalog, though I admit the vinyl edition of Meadowlands looks like a pretty sweet package. But as the band says (and Pitchfork reports), “Dear Meadowlands, please end”. Amen. And GoodHodgkins revisited the Wrens’ out-of-print material a couple weeks ago. More MP3s from all their albums available here.

MP3: Wrens – “Everyone Choose Sides” (from Meadowlands)
MP3: Wrens – “Built In Girls” (from Secaucus)
MP3: Wrens – “Behold Me” (from Silver)
MySpace: Wrens

Is it me, or does no one ever talk about I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness? They were tagged as one of the can’t-miss buzz bands as early as SxSW 05, but from then it took them a year to release their debut album Fear Is On Our Side and even then, it didn’t seem to get any more than the most cursory mention in the media and/or blogopolis (including by me). And this puzzles me, because even though it hasn’t set my world ablaze, I still think it’s a very solid record and far better than a lot of the stuff that does get lavishly praised (though to be fair, it scored respectably on Metacritic). But they’re apparently successful enough that a hip publication like Rolling Stone saw fit to invite them in to play a video session for them. So that’s something. There’s also a new animated video for an instrumental track off the album. It’s pretty slick.

Video: I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – “The Owl” (MOV)

The New York Times introduces you to the Hold Steady States of America while More Cowbell has a rough guide to The Hold Steady’s Minneapolis. Aversion makes do with a simple interview. Boys And Girls In America is in stores today, Pitchfork loves it and they’re at the ‘Shoe on October 28. What else do you need to know?

Sheknows.com asks 10 questions of Rob Dickinson. I have an 11th – where’s that acoustic live album you promised to make available after your Summer tour?

Neil Halstead explains to The Georgia Straight how Mojave 3’s latest Puzzles Like You ended up being such a (relative) rock-fest. Mojave 3 will be at the Mod Club on September 16, though the only familiar faces will be those of Halstead and drummer Ian McCutcheon. Rachel Goswell is unable to tour because of health issues and guitarist Simon Rowe is no longer an active member of the band. But even so, I remain hopeful and confident that they will be as good a live show as they have been in the past. Though more hopeful than confident.

Filterblog – yeah, they’ve got one now as well – talks to Karen O of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. If all the print magazines are starting blogs, does that mean that bloggers should start print magazines?

Glenn Kotche tells the Journal & Courier that things with Wilco are going great. Really great. Swell, even. John Stirratt also tells The Exponent that things are good. EVERYONE IN WILCO IS HAPPY. Which means Jeff will be issuing pink slips shortly.

Seattle Weekly chats with Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner.

My Emily Haines charity auction closes tonight, and I’m still counting on you obsessives to at least push the price into triple digits. Come on people. Kidneys.

np – The Hold Steady / Boys And Girls In America

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  1. derek says:

    Re: I love but I’ve chosen darkness – I agree that not much is written about them, which is strange. I saw them down in Austin (Austin City Limits Music Festival) recently and they were one of the highlights. So were the Black Angels who are playing at the Horseshoe later this month.

  2. Scott says:

    What’s the question here? Those first two records were issued on, I think, Grass Records which later became Wind Up Records. I guess they figure they can make a few bucks on the reissue, more than they could make on the rights, anyway.

  3. Frank says:

    the question is: is Wind-Up actually reissuing the albums, albeit in digital form? Just interesting that after sitting on them for so long, the label is apparently doing something with them but no one appears to know about it? Just looking for more info.

  4. torr says:

    i did a pretty big write up on Mojave 3’s LA shows over the weekend. I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed by the show.

  5. Robin says:

    re: chosen darkness – highly underrated. ive really been enjoyin them recently, cant wait to see em on the 31st oct in london. the album is superb.

  6. Five Seventeen says:

    Hey Frank,

    I’ve suggested to you in the past that a "Best of Chromewaves" print zine would be a fun, and worthy endeavour.

    Canzine is coming up (Oct 29th)… You could get it together in time.

  7. Lat 44.2N says:

    The above mentioned Wrens albums are available on their current tour. I picked up Secaucus and am very pleased. Warning, though, that they are all cd-rs.

  8. Glenn says:

    Re: Chosen Darkness – highly overrated. I will never again see them, and unless they undergo a wild transformation I’ll never again listen to them.

  9. Jordan says:

    Thank god, thank god, thank god ‘Boys & Girls In America’ is finally out.

  10. juepucta says:

    Best week’s gonna be Oct.24th foo! New Uncut AND Nassau.


  11. Thierry says:

    New Naussau? Meh. After that dull opening slot for Mew, I won’t be running to the store to pick it up. I did see the singer drumming with a kid in a commercial a few days ago.

    Btw, Frank, I noticed you’ve been linked to by the Evil Empire…