Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Stuck Between Stations

Did you know that the new Hold Steady album came with a free comic in some stores? No stores around here, though. Considering that quantities were super-limited and it’s two weeks since they were probably all snatched up anyway, I’m going to assume that no one is going to get their feathers too ruffled if I make available scans of the comic – the only format that I was able to find it in. The file is in a .cbr format, which you can read with an app like this or you can just change the extension to .rar and uncompress it that way – it’s just a set of JPGs inside. And if that’s too much trouble, I also have it up as a simple .zip. Anyway, the comic is cute, just interpretations (both literal and not so much) of Craig Finn’s lyrics to Boys And Girls In America, done pictograph style.

The Hold Steady continue to garner headlines – The Minnesapolis Star-Tribune and The Seattle Times talk to the band about the influence of Kerouac on the new record (besides providing the album title) while Craig Finn tells The Straight that he’d rather talk about baseball.

There’s also a new live version of “Stuck Between Stations” up for grabs on the band’s website, taken from a radio session for Minneapolis Public Radio. The band is in their studios again today so look for that session to be made available soon after. If you couldn’t tell, I’m really enjoying Boys And Girls In America. It’s always over before I know it, which is usually a good sign that it’s burrowing its way into my skull for the long haul. Got your ticket for the Hold Steady show at the Horseshoe Saturday? You really should.

Comic: Boys And Girls In America (5.13 MB) (.zip)
MP3: The Hold Steady – “Stuck Between Stations” (live on MPR)

Another Minneapolis native dude from the frigid north of America moved to New York getting some attention is Chuck Klosterman, who has a new book out in Chuck Klosterman IV : A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas. PopMatters and Glide both interview the author and (pop) cultural observer.

Now that Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips are releasing records as “Dean and Britta” (versus “Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham”, as L’Avventura was credited), I’m not sure where I should be filing their CDs in my collection. Under D, as if the name is read literally? Under W, as if it should if put under “Wareham”? Under “P”, so that it sits nicely against the other album? YES I AM THAT ANAL. But that’s not your problem. The new Words You Used To Say EP is out – somewhere – and the album Back Numbers will be out January 30. So I have until then to figure this one out.

The Dears have added two more shows to their long weekend at Lee’s Palace in November. In addition to playing the 16th and 17th with Land Of Talk, they have now scheduled a double-header for the 18th – a dry, all-ages matinee performance and a properly liquored-up evening show. There’s also a new video from Gang Of Losers. Grok it now.

Video: The Dears – “Whites Only Party” (MOV)

M Ward is the latest artist to record a session for AOL’s Interface. The podcast features three performances and an interview.

The DePaulia asks Feist, “What’s a Mushaboom”?

Bradley’s Almanac comes through with a recording of Broken Social Scene’s show last week at Brandeis University in Boston. Note the Beantown shout out cover of Dinosaur Jr’s “The Wagon”. Good and sloppy, just like J’d want. But cut them some slack, it’s been a while since those Broken Mascis Scene shows. Less slack, however, should be allowed if reports like some of those cropping up at Stereogum are to be believed. Check out the review of the Knoxville show, in particular, 28 comments down. Bizarre doesn’t even begin to cover it.

np – Tanya Donelly / This Hungry Life

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  1. Dimitri says:

    British Sea Power
    11.15.06 Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ONT

  2. Frank says:

    Very nice, Dimitri – thanks!

    PS – I moved your comment from the contest post to a regular one.

  3. Dimitri says:

    Why did I post in the contest I don’t know…

    See you there Frank!

  4. Jack says:

    I hate to be a pedant, but Chuck Klosterman is actually from North Dakota. His new book is infuriating, but good fun at times. Get it from the library…

  5. Frank says:

    and I knew that. Apologies to North Dakotans who want to claim Klosterman for their own and to Minnesotans who want nothing to do with him.

    I have the book on hold at the library.

  6. Karl says:

    Great stuff!

    Aren’t you ever going to take a day off?

    (everyone else: I’m KIDDING!)

  7. Karl says:

    BTW, when I read the bit about your alphbetiziation issue, I could not help but think of the movie Diner.

  8. Frank says:

    I’ll take the day off when I want/need it, but as I mentioned I’ve been a little more inspired to write lately than I have in a while. Go figure.

    Diner? Never seen it.

  9. hemal says:

    Woah, weird. That was me that posted about the Knoxville BSS show on Stereogum. Never thought I’d see my comment make it into other parts of the "blogosphere"!

    Still need to DL Bradley’s boot of the Brandeis show and I hope it went better than their show in Knoxville, for the band’s sake. At any rate, I’m still pissed over the "Inside The Actor’s Studio" bit during the encore. How can the band I saw 1 year ago in Boston, the one who was so awesome that I was grinning ear-to-ear throughout the show, the one I gushed to all my friends about saying their show is "life affirming" as we set out to the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville, how could that band have not shown up last Saturday night? Very disappointing.

  10. brads says:

    No sign of any inter-band weirdness at the Brandeis show, if anything they were pretty chummy. Kevin was letting the on-stage flattery fly, especially in Amy’s direction, and namechecked the other members more than once.

    (by the way, Frank… the 24 trailer is officially up at 24trailer.com)

  11. Lance says:

    BSS debacle = NON-ISSUE

    (besides hiatus..they need one)

  12. juepucta@yahoo.com says:

    Anu luck finding the Dean+Britta Ep in TO? I can’t find it anywhere.

    And you are not anal man, i made the same questions the other day, at every record store i had to go look under D, B, P and W. The last album was under P i think.


  13. Frank says:

    I bought the D+B EP off ebay, still waiting. Didn’t see it anywhere when I was out this weekend. I think most of those indie store-only releases trickle in up here eventually, but not sure how long it’ll take.

    They’re streaming the title track on their MySpace, btw.