Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

CONTEST – Mojave 3 @ The Mod Club – October 16, 2006

New contest! Mojave 3 rank very highly in my list of all-time favourite bands so you bet your sweet bippy I’m excited that they’re coming back to town on Monday, October 16 for a show at the Mod Club. A change in scenery from their usual home at Lee’s Palace but considering that Puzzles Like You is a sparkling, upbeat pop record maybe the glitzier new digs will suit them nicely. No, Rachel won’t be along for the tour (health issues) but I’m sure it’ll be great regardless.

Anyways, I have three pairs of passes to give away to this show courtesy of Against The Grain. To enter to win, email me at contests@chromewaves.net with your full name and the names of three bands that Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell have been in together. Yes, there’ve been three. I was going to ask you to leave your entries as comments on this post but realized that after the first correct entry, there’d really be no challenge to anyone else… This contest will close at midnight, October 13 so get those googling hats on and get your entries in ASAP. CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.

MP3: Mojave 3 – “Puzzles Like You”
MP3: Mojave 3 – “Breaking The Ice”
Video: Mojave 3 – “Breaking The Ice” (YouTube)

By : Frank Yang at 8:32 pm
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  1. Nathan Athay says:

    Hey Frank:

    I hope the passes have not been taken yet.

    The answer is:
    1. Slowdive
    2. Neil Halstead (Waves tour)
    3. Mojave 3

    Because I know that Rachel did "Pearl" with Chapterhouse hence the connection with Simon and Neil has done work with a few people (Sid Hillman, Bernard Butler etc)and I know that Ian is in the loose Salute so, I hope I am right.



  2. Frank says:

    it’s good that you’re not correct because I asked that the replies be emailed to me so that in the case that they WERE correct, it wouldn’t make it easy for everyone entering after you… but I will leave your response up because 2 of the 3 are gimmes anyways. But if you want to enter, find the correct answer and follow the instructions.

  3. Nathan Athay says:

    Rachel joined Neil for his Sleeping on Roads stuff as well.

  4. Neil says:


  5. Ed says:

    what with Halloween coming, and an influx of Pixies, you’d think this would be easy! :)