Thursday, October 19th, 2006

CONTEST – 120 Days @ The Reverb – October 29, 2006

New contest, this one comes courtesy of Vice Records. I have a pair of passes to see Norwegian electro-rock act 120 Days at the Reverb on October 29 to give away as well as a copy of their self-titled debut album and a special DJ/mixtape thingie from the band.

To enter, just send me an email at with “I want to see 120 Days” in the subject line and a link to something interesting in the body. Doesn’t matter what, just something. Anything. As always, use an email address you’ll check as I’ll need to get your mailing address to send the CDs and whatnot. Contest closes at midnight, October 23. And again, Toronto area folks only please. Don’t worry outlanders, I will have stuff to give away to you soon enough. Patience.

MP3: 120 Days – “Come Down Fade Out Be Gone”

By : Frank Yang at 1:19 am
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  1. bobobobobobobo says:

    who are 120 days
    I remember 120 minutes on MTV
    i liked this site better when it was talking about good music I knew that didn’t have emo names, like 120 days
    bring back the TV on the Radio/Grizzly Bear post

    that was far more fun. can’t you give away something by them?

  2. Frank says:

    I already did give away TV On The Radio stuff. Where were you?

    And this is two column inches. You’ll get over it.

  3. Robin AC30 says:

    120 days have a really amazing song called Get Away. kinda fast tempo almost shoegazeish.