Friday, October 27th, 2006

Castaways And Cutouts (And Contests)

Yes, I realize I made a Decemberists post not a fortnight ago, but trust me – this will be worth it. Unless you don’t like The Decemberists, in which case just move on. There’s nothing to see here.

With The Crane Wife one of the biggest releases of the year (in my Bizarro universe, anyway), everyone’s lining up to talk to Colin Meloy and company about the new record. Harp has an expansive feature on the band, covering their origins through to their signing with a major label last Winter and some of the reasonings behind it. They also have a sidebar on some of the inspirations behind the songs. It’s interesting to learn where the ideas come from but one of the things I like most about The Crane Wife is how Meloys lyrics, particularly on the title track(s), work really well on as more personal and subjective metaphors as well as on literal, narrative levels that he’s always excelled at.

Also on the interview front, Meloy talks to The Falls Church New Press and The Dallas News. And before their Dallas show earlier this week, he also gave an interview to Big D Little D. Guitarist Chris Funk Q&Aed with The Daily Collegian and Harmonium (with some of the same Qs and As), The Lance Free-Star talks to keyboardist Jenny Conlee and chats with bassist Nate Query.

The band’s Fall tour is well underway and Filter is keeping a tour blog, enlisting a blogger in every city on the itinerary to submit their review and photos of the show. Yours truly will be covering the Toronto show on November 6 at the Kool Haus, which leads into the contests portion of this post – I’ve got three pairs of passes to the aforementioned show to give away, courtesy of Against The Grain. But wait! There’s more!

Filter has also donated some sweet prizes to the cause – in addition to the passes, which are really only good for Hogtowners, I’ve got a beautiful autographed lithograph to give away (hopefully that image isn’t actual size – you can also grab the artwork from the lithograph as a wallpaper for your computer here) AND a a copy of The Crane Wife on vinyl – a rather dashing double-LP in gatefold cover. How sweet is that? Pretty damned sweet.

So this is how it’s going to go down. This will actually be two separate contests – if you want to win the passes, email me at with “I want the Decemberists tickets” in the subject line and your full name in the email body. Usual drill. If you want the lithograph and LP, well then that’s going to take a little more effort. To enter, I will you to leave in the comments a haiku somehow related to the band or the album. I won’t require you to use the word “Decemberist” because that’s almost a quarter of your syllables right there. For this one, you WILL be judged on the quality of your entry so make an effort. And I know I used the haiku thing before, but this time it’s especially appropriate given the theme of the record. Next time I’ll request a dirty limerick.

And to keep it fair, I will select the lithograph/LP winner first and then those for the concert. Whoever wins the former will be ineligible for the latter. The odds of that happening are pretty slim, but I’m stating it up front just in case.

So to sum up – want to win passes to the November 6 Kool Haus show? email me. Want to win a sweet lithograph and LP? Leave a haiku in the comments. Both contests close at midnight, November 1.

MySpace: The Decemberists

Pitchfork has words with Asobi Seksu.

Nashville Scene interviews Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers.

Junkmedia interviews Under Byen and actually asks a number of the questions that I’d intended to when I was trying to get an interview organized earlier this month (which obviously didn’t happen).

Firefox v2.0 spellchecks my blog posts. That’s just creepy.

np – Nellie McKay / Pretty Little Head

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  1. ryan says:

    Birds as sworn lovers
    born of undergrad pretense
    Lit Rock square framed fame

  2. monkeyinabox says:

    crashing stars around
    eyes laid upon feathers found
    fly away my love

  3. Otaku376 says:

    From dead baby ghosts
    To birds with treasured secrets
    Pop Revolution

  4. Zupes says:

    With a setting sun,
    wrapped in winter’s cold embrace,
    a true love he found.

  5. RGH says:

    The star crossed lovers
    And the quieted drownings
    Melodic novels

  6. Stephen B. says:

    Colin writes sexy
    poetry; it’s too bad he
    looks like a tree knot

  7. ks says:

    Petra is no more
    Capitol has intervened
    Still top of 0(oh)-six.

  8. Kevin L. says:

    a life forgotten
    a love coming back to my arms
    a drop from my eyes fall

  9. karen f says:

    neither whale nor crane
    nothing will stand in their way
    fated for stardom

  10. Devin King says:

    The music is great!
    I want to win some free stuff,
    Help me out, my friend.

  11. Calvin Chan says:

    Modern minstrels sing
    Of wives, wars, lovers and whores
    Stories scarcely told

  12. Daniel R says:

    songs sung of pirates
    suicides, and prostitutes
    ever make me smile

  13. MLK and the Dreamers says:

    water rolls down the drain
    ears explode on overload
    we die we cry, July.

  14. Britt B says:

    cranes, curlews, cormorants
    pinioned down by words weaved
    on breaths and in hearts

  15. thomaus says:

    Their devoted fans
    follow like Decembrist wives
    to the Capitol

  16. lc says:

    feathers fall from skin
    hear all the bombs fade away
    true love lies to me

  17. Joey says:

    Stained feathers woven
    Closed room called me to open
    Woe! Away she flew

  18. Jason says:

    Feathers slowly fall
    like leaves from an autumn tree
    exposing beauty.

  19. Nacho says:

    There’s but one way toY
    enjoy a Crane Wife ditty:
    In snug pantaloons.

  20. Nacho says:


    There’s but one way to
    enjoy a Crane Wife ditty:
    In snug pantaloons.

  21. MattR says:

    Stained thread, it was red
    With a raking on my heart
    There’s a crane on wind

  22. josh Baze says:

    to colin meloy:

    lithographs are hard
    to write good haiku about:
    "too big for posters?"

  23. josh b says:

    chinese, japanese
    dirty knees, lithograph please!
    signed, joshua b

  24. Hk says:

    hand on my belly,
    Baby gently stirs within-
    and where is my love?

  25. ryan says:

    a young Roy Cropper*
    Colin Meloy are you his
    one true bastard son?

    * A Coronation Street reference – note the similarities.

  26. Kissie says:

    Sons and Daughters, we
    In sweet harmony agree
    Bound by melody

  27. Frank says:

    Hello kids

    Because all your entries were so good (for hte most part) and I’m a lazy git, winners were selected randomly and the lithograph/LP went to Brittney from Texas. Thanks for playing.

  28. Kissie says:

    This very upsetting. In making the contest, you asked to judge the haikus.

  29. Frank says:

    you know what? you’re absolutely right and I apologize for being derelict in my duties as contest operator guy. I’ve excuses but they’re irrelevant. I in no way meant to disregard or disrespect the work all/most of the entrant put into their submissions and will make it up to you/them/whomever – give me some time to get a consolation prize together and I’ll get an impartial third party to judge the entrants and I’ll award it accordingly. I know what I want to award, I just have to make sure I can get it. This may take a bit to get sorted out but it will happen. Keep watching this space if you like as I’ll post updates but again, it may take a little while.

    And again, apologies. It’s one thing to make you work but for me to not be willing to do the same is unacceptable.

  30. Kissie says:

    It has been over a month since this board was last posted on. Is there an update for us? Do you still plan on compensating us?

  31. Frank says:

    yes, I am. I have arranged to get another signed lithograph to give away and it’s supposed to be en route to me, but until I have it in my hands I’m not going to give it away.

    And if for whatever reason the print doesn’t come through, I have a fallback in mind. Patience, please.

  32. Kissie says:

    Patience dwindling. Tell us if there is no chance.

  33. Frank says:

    A winner has been selected by an impartial, third-party jury and contacted. When I hear back from them, I will announce the name.

  34. Frank says:

    okay, congratulations to Mike from Harvard, MA for his winning entry:

    With a setting sun,
    wrapped in winter’s cold embrace,
    a true love he found.

    The lithograph will be in the mail this week.

    And this is now closed. For good. Thanks.