Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Missing Pieces

As I mentioned earlier this month (before Pitchfork’s “exclusive”, you may note), Austin pop mavens Voxtrot will be releasing a new EP as a “don’t you forget about us” to fans while prepping their debut full-length for release next Spring. Your Biggest Fan will be out on CD and 7″ on November 7 via their new home at Playlouder and I have a sort-of exclusive of one of the b-sides from said release (there’s 3 songs in total). It’s a short but sweet (and cheap!) EP that doesn’t necessarily expand on the band’s sound too much but does reinforce their strengths in classic pop songcraft. A nice reminder of why I like these guys.

The UK just got their first taste of Voxtrot as their Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives EP was released over there last week and reviews are ContactMusic – not surprisng considering how anglo-indebted they are, stylistically. Also note that you can grab another MP3 for frees by signing up to their label’s newsletter.

MP3: Voxtrot – “Trouble”
MySpace: Voxtrot

Pitchfork interviews Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne Campbell about making ends meet and Lloyd Cole. If you’re ready to be heartbroken, he’ll be obliging November 5 at The Mod Club.

The Dish talks to Kianna from Tilly & The Wall.

Grok the new video from Howling Bells, via Torr. The Sydney Morning Herald talks to Juanita Stein about the transition from Waikiki to their current incarnation.

Video: Howling Bells – “Setting Sun” (YouTube)

I think people are as sick of me talking about Lollapalooza back in August as I am about saying “When I saw so-and-so at Lollapalooza“… but it’s worth noting that a goodly number of official (read: soundboard) recordings are now available on iTunes (via Some are complete sets, some just highlights but all are almost certainly of better sound quality than the audience boots circulating in torrent-land. Also note that if the Apple AAC thing isn’t your bag, they’ll also be selling the tracks on shortly in other audio formats (MP3, FLAC). DRM-free? Lossless? Not sure yet. converses with Drive-By Trucker Patterson Hood. Hood and compatriots are at the Phoenix October 18.

The Chicago Tribune makes interview with Amy Millan.

New Pornographer Todd Fancey tells Pitchfork to expect their next album around June of next year, and yes – it will again be Bejar– and Case-powered. But in the meantime, they’re embarking on a cross-Canada tour next month including an October 11 date at the Kool Haus.

Billboard gets caught up in all the goings-on in the world of Stephin Merrit – namely a new Gothic Archies album on October 13 (Songs From A Series Of Unfortunate Events: The Tragic TreasuryPitchfork has details and streams) and two new Magnetic Fields albums in 2007.

eCard: Songs From A Series Of Unfortunate Events: The Tragic Treasury

The first single/EP from the forthcoming Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips album (still untitled but due out in January) will be out October 17. Check out the artwork and tracklisting for The Words You Used To Say at Head Full Of Wishes.

Whoo! Pagination! Down there. At the bottom of the page.

Well I’m excited about it.

np – Malajube / Trompe L’Oeil

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