Thursday, August 24th, 2006

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So last night was the Shoegaze Cover Show I’ve been babbling on about all week. This wasn’t the first time I’d been to a show dedicated to paying tribute to the dreampop bands of yore – there was a Creation Records tribute night at the El Mocambo way back in the Spring of 2001 that was heavy on the shoegaze and even featured some full frontal nudity courtesy of White Cowbell Oklahoma.

Last night’s show was a more compact and penis-free affair, with the participating bands contributing a few covers and an original for good measure. Fjord Rowboat offered up the most faithful renditions on the night and I guess I’m a traditionalist because their set was my favourite. Their cover of Chapterhouse’s “Mesmerise” was a particular treat and right up their alley. After them The Assistants, whose pedigree is more C86 than shoegaze, tackled some Galaxie 500 and one-man looping drone factory Wyrd Visions… well I’m not entirely sure what he was doing. No Dynamics blew up an amp and while their set didn’t do much for me, their sound was intriguing enough that I’m going to check out their original material.

The final act, like that Creation night five years ago, went to a “supergroup” of sorts – this one called The Black Rabbit and featuring members of Uncut, The Two Koreas, Nassau and The Diableros. Boasting many guitars and dedicated to maximum volume, they played a ragged and too-short set including My Bloody Valentine’s “You Made Me Realise” and Spacemen 3’s “Take Me To The Other Side”. The venue’s curfew prevented them from really taking flight though, and they failed to take the title of “Toronto’s best shoegaze tribute supergroup who play deafening Isn’t Anything covers to close out the night” from the Voltron force comprised of Mean Red Spiders/Sloan/I-forget-who-else-but-if-you-remember-please-tell-me and their PA-destroying “Feed Me With Your Kiss”. Man, that was something. And the only point of heresy on the night – no Ride. W. T. F.

But this night was pretty good too – a little too short overall and maybe not enough of the straight covers to satisfy me but still a lot of fun and it was certainly heartening to see the interest in the genre (the turnout was quite good). If you’re curious, I’ve posted the tracklists of the three mix CDs I prepared for DJ duties last night after the jump – I didn’t get to play everything, unfortunately, but was generally pleased with how it sounded over the PA. Pretty good ebb and tide if I do say so myself. And I do. And bumping the CD player causing it to skip randomly? That’s the new scratching.

There are photos – certainly dark and blurry but there’s some decent ones. They’ll be up tomorrow-ish. In the meantime, here is some audio from the night’s performers’ day jobs.

Photos: Shoegaze Cover Night @ The Tranzac – August 23, 2006
MP3: Fjord Rowboat – “Paragon”
MP3: Wyrd Visions – “Bog Lord”
MP3: No Dynamis – “Josephine Baker”
MP3: The Assistants – “Taste It”
MySpace: Fjord Rowboat
MySpace: Wyrd Visions
MySpace: No Dynamics
MySpace: The Assistants

Club AC30 will release the second volume of shoegaze covers compilation Never Lose That Feeling, volume one of which I quite enjoyed, this October. To whet your appetite, they’ve updated their MySpace with more streaming tracks including tracks from Britta Phillips and Sing Sing.

Dirty On Purpose have got a new video from Hallelujah Sirens for “No Radio”. Jazzercise! And further evidence why indie rockers should never, ever, EVER wear shorts. Thanks to Clicky Click for the link.

Video: Dirty On Purpose – “No Radio”

Exclaim! talks to Asobi Seksu about their shoegazing ways. They’re at the Horseshoe September 20.

PopMatters profiles Mew.

np – The Coast / The Coast

Hot Chromewaves DJ action for the Shoegaze Covers Show at the Tranzac in Toronto, August 23, 2006:

1 Ride – Leave Them all Behind
2 Boo Radleys – Does This Hurt
3 Catherine Wheel – Black Metallic
4 Swervedriver – Last Train To Satansville
5 Serena Maneesh – Un-Deux
6 My Bloody Valentine – Swallow
7 Asobi Seksu – Thursday
8 Jeseus & Mary Chain – Taste Of Cindy
9 Lush – For Love
10 Spiritualized – Any Way That You Want Me
11 Ride – Like A Daydream (BBC)
12 Cocteau Twins – Lorelei
13 Slowdive – Morningrise
14 Chapterhouse – Pearl
15 Radio Dept – Why Won’t You Talk About It

1 My Bloody Valentine – Feed Me With Your Kiss
2 Douglas Heart – Alison
3 Adorable – Sunshine Smile
4 Lush – Sweetness And Light
5 Ride – Unfamiliar
6 Slowdive – Souvlaki Space Station
7 Swervedriver – Ejector Seat Reservation
8 Catherine Wheel – I Want To Touch You
9 My Bloody Valentine – Map Ref 41N 93W
10 Cocteau Twins – Pearly Dewdrops’ Drops
11 Jesus & Mary Chain – You Trip Me Up
12 Radio Dept – Ewan
13 Asobi Seksu – New Year’s
14 Ride – Chelsea Girl
15 Boo Radley’s – Lazarus
16 Verve – Blue
17 My Bloody Valentine – Blown A Wish

1 Chapterhouse – Breather
2 Ride – Twisterella
3 Spiritualized – Lay Back In The Sun
4 Swervedriver – Duel
5 My Bloody Valentine – Sueisfine
6 Slowdive – 40 Days
7 Serena Maneesh – Selina’s Melodie Fountain
8 Amusement Parks On Fire – You Made Me Realise
9 Ride – Sight Of You
10 Catherine Wheel – Shallow
11 My Bloody Valentine – What You Want
12 Slowdive – Waves
13 Lush – Superblast!
14 Spiritualized – Run
15 Trespassers William – Vapour Trail
16 Ride – OX4

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  1. Five says:

    No Pale Saints? W. T. F.

  2. mike says:

    What were the start and finish times for the night? You said it was a little too short overall. I know the Tranzac has some sort of 12 o’clock curfew for live music but still I wasn’t really in the mood to go downtown yesterday and stay out past 11 pm. Glad to hear the turnout was good.

  3. makeda says:

    I was going to harass you about what you played but you beat me to it. One last request: if you have the time, would you mind uploading the CD you did play to sendspace?

  4. juepucta says:

    Man that shoegaze gig was good.

    Only thing is that the shoegaze shupergroup played kind of a short set, but hey, Nassau/Uncut/Diableros on one stage can’t be bad.

    On the other hand i made the mistake of standing next to the right side amp stack and now my brain has been liquefied.


  5. danieljosef says:


    Unrelated to today’s post, but have you heard anything in regards to the Sunset Rubdown show, and why it has been cancelled?

  6. Frank says:

    re: sunset rubdown – news to me. That’s a rootmeansquare show, you may as well ask Amy. I have no info on that.

  7. Frank says:

    mike – started around 9:30, over just after midnight. I cleared out at 1.

    makeda – sendspace? What’s that? I’m not really big on distributing 40+ tracks on the internet… I can make you a copy of the CDs though.

  8. max says:

    i want a shoegaze extravaganza..lucky!

  9. makeda says:

    yes please! can you bring it to the harbourfront this weekend?

  10. Uncle Grambo says:

    You need to pick up the album "Midrange" by Dykehouse. You’d dig it, ferreals.

    Great mixes. Wish I was there.

  11. Randy Rambo says:

    Captcha challenge failed. Are you man or machine?
    Your comment: "I AM MAN in a machine."

    I want MY shoegaze/shoegazer, dreampop, brit pop, slovwdive… ("mtv")! (I’m in Dire Straights).

    ‘Can’t wait to get to school so I can fetch these mp3s at 186Kbps or faster, ‘eh?

    ‘Must feed addiction… need water… need mp3… myoozik… and/or academic audio files.

    "I’ll be baaack." (Arnold)