Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

The Rise And Fall Of The Letter P

As far as the music industry goes, this Tuesday effectively marks the end of Summer and the start of the Fall album season, as the record stores are going to be deluged with great new releases from now till at least October (at which point the new releases trickle off and are replaced by compilations and box sets for the holiday season). Here’s a Hollywood Squares of stuff that’ll be in stores today that’s worth your time and money – some of it I’ve talked about, others I will probably get to in the future, but most I’ve heard and can certainly recommend.

On topic, BrooklynVegan linked to this Yahoo News piece wondering if backloading the big-name releases in the fourth quarter is really the best strategy for the industry. Not surprisingly, none of the albums I’m excited about are referenced in the piece – after all, it despairs me to no end to know that all of these records, combined, will be outsold by Paris Hilton’s debut CD. Probably exponentially.

But enough sad thoughts. Time to plan your trip to the record store – most of these artists are on tour as well.

Eric Bachmann / To The Races
MP3: Eric Bachmann – “Lonesome Warrior”
On tour – in Toronto @ The Horseshoe, September 16

Early Day Miners / Offshore
MP3: Early Day Miners – “Return Of The Native”
On tour – in Toronto @ The Tranzac, September 13

Headlights / Kill Them With Kindness
MP3: Headlights – “Put Us Back Together Right”
On tour

The Hidden CamerasAWOO
MP3: The Hidden Cameras – “Death Of A Tune”
On tour – in Toronto @ Harbourfront Centre, August 26 and @ Olympic Island, September 9

Lambchop / Damaged
MP3: Lambchop – “Crackers”
On tour – in Toronto @ The Mod Club, September 24

Jason Molina / Let Me Go Let Me Go Let Me Go
MP3: Jason Molina – “Get Out Get Out Get Out”
On tour – in Toronto @ Lee’s Palace, September 12

The Mountain Goats / Get Lonely!
MP3: The Mountain Goats – “Woke Up New”
On tour – in Toronto @ Lee’s Palace, September 19

Chad Van Gaalen / Skelliconnection
MP3: Chad Van Gaalen – “Flower Gardens”
On tour

What Made Milwaukee Famous / Trying To Never Catch Up
MP3: What Made Milwaukee Famous – “Sweet Lady”
On tour – in Toronto @ Lee’s Palace, October 4

And speaking of WWMF, Stereogum has an quickie interview with the band and AOL is streaming the whole of their album right now. Also, Punknews reports that the vinyl version of Bachmann’s To The Races will have a different version of the title track – with vocals – and Pitchfork has a faint praise review of the Headlights record.

The Grates give PopMatters a guide to touring on the cheap. Gravity Won’t Get You High is out next Tuesday and they’re at Lee’s Palace with Rogue Wave on September 9.

Figurines, who are Danish by the way, are at the Horseshoe on October 22, tickets $10. And Jet are at the Guvernment October 1.

If you were wondering why Grizzly Bear cancelled their Fall tour including the Sept 23 date at the El Mocambo, it’s because they’re now supporting TV On The Radio on their tour, including the October 12 date at the Opera House. Pitchfork has details and full dates.

And Pulse Of The Twin Cities has a piece on digital music and includes a nice shout-out to yours truly. Nice enough that I will refrain from commenting on the minefield of bad HTML special characters throughout the piece.

np – Catfish Haven / Tell Me

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  1. Jonathan says:

    A friend of mine had booked Grizzly Bear in Ottawa but they had to cancel. I guess this explains why. Now I’ll have to drive to Montreal to see them, but with TV On The Radio I’m sure it will be worth it!

  2. PG says:

    great for Grizzly! more people need to see them live.

  3. max says:

    that’s a great article the grates have up on popmatters, thanks for the heads up

  4. Glenn says:

    Perhaps some of the records (if not all) weren’t mentioned because they are not coming out in the fourth quarter?

    By the way, the answer is yes, throwing out a bunch of big name releases in the fourth quarter is a pretty good strategy. There’s less risk involved, and marketing becomes more expensive…thus the big names on the albums.

  5. Frank says:

    Look Glenn, take your "facts" and "accuracies" and get out of here. Come back when you’ve got some rumours, half-truths and innuendos to share. This is a blog, goddammit. There are standards to be maintained.