Sunday, August 20th, 2006

Sunday Cleaning – Volume 45

Oppenheimer / Oppenheimer (Bar/None)

The self-titled debut from Irish duo Oppenheimer is indie-pop by the numbers – soft vocals, bleeping and whirring synths, jangle-fuzz guitars and upbeat hooks galore. There’s nothing here that will change anyone’s life but by god it will get those skinny, indie kid non-asses on the dance floor who will ask, “who is this?” and then forget they even cared the moment the song is over. Required milk crate fodder for everyone who fancies themselves an indie rock DJ, which means they should sell about a zillion copies. They play Sneaky Dee’s on August 24 with Lifestyle and Bad Flirt.

Video: Oppenheimer – “Breakfast In NYC” (YouTube)
MySpace: Oppenheimer

My Brightest Diamond / Bring Me The Workhorse (Asthmatic Kitty)

My Brightest Diamond may not be a familiar name, but Shara Worden – she who is MBD – played Toronto a couple years ago opening for Sufjan Stevens under the name AwRY (and was/is also a member of Steven’s Michigan Militia/Illinoisemakers/etc). Though the Stevens gig probably gets all the attention, Worden is a formidable talent on her own. Bring Me The Workhorse is a dark, dramatic record that makes full use of her rich voice. Her cabaret and operatic influences are obvious but she neatly sidesteps any genre cliches and instead blends it all together to craft something quite new and different, yet still timeless. Lovely stuff.

MP3: My Brightest Diamond – “Disappear”
MP3: My Brightest Diamond – “Something Of An End”
Video: My Brightest Diamond – “Dragonfly” (MOV)
MySpace: My Brightest Diamond

Darker My Love / Darker My Love (Dangerbird)

Those who were disappointed with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s decision to trade in their fuzzboxes for acoustic guitars and head for the Delta can take solace in the fact that they still have Los Angeles’ Darker My Love to fulfill their slow, druggy drone rock needs. Actually, to my ears, Darker My Love might actually be superior to the BRMC at their craft, having more than one speed in their transmission , more interesting production and a stronger melodic sense. But considering I was never a big Black Rebel fan, that may not be saying much. But for those who are/were, break out the leather jackets and shades – your new favourite record is out Tuesday.

MP3: Darker My Love – “Summer Is Here”
MP3: Darker My Love – “What’s A Man’s Paris”
MP3: Darker My Love – “Helium Heels”
Video: Darker My Love – “Cold And Sinus” (MySpace)
MySpace: Darker My Love

np – Eric Bachmann / To The Races

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  1. airfigaro says:

    Hey, thanks for the heads up, esp. re: Eric Bachmann, I’ll be sure to check himout Sept. 2 at club Congress in Tucson.

  2. Zack says:

    Looks like Oppenheimer’s Canadian dates have been <a href="…">cancelled</a>.

    Sorry, kids.