Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

The Bones Of An Idol

So the ten finalists for the inaugural Polaris Music Prize were announced yesterday and to no one’s surprise, the list is heavily indie rock-centric and Toronto/Ontario-centric, to say nothing of Toronto indie rock-centric.

Of my nominations, the only one I’m a little surprised about not making the list is Destroyer. I thought Destroyer’s Rubies would have been a critic’s pick shoo-in – guess not. What I am surprised about are the presence of Sarah Harmer and Metric, as I didn’t feel their latest efforts measured up the the benchmarks set by their earlier works. But, as I noticed when I was trying to make my picks, the pool of eligible acts was pretty slim this year.

But without further delay – the final 10:

Broken Social Scene / Broken Social Scene (Arts & Crafts/EMI)
Cadence Weapon / Breaking Kayfabe (Upper Class/EMI)
The Deadly Snakes / Porcella (Paper Bag/Universal)
Final Fantasy / He Poos Clouds (Blocks Recording Club/Sonic Unyon)
Sarah Harmer / I’m A Mountain (Cold Snap/Universal)
K’naan / The Dusty Foot Philosopher (Track & Field/Sony BMG)
Malajube / Trompe L’oeil (Dare to Care/Outside)
Metric / Live It Out (Last Gang/Universal)
The New Pornographers / Twin Cinema (Mint/Outside)
Wolf Parade / Apologies To The Queen Mary (Sub Pop/Outside)

Anyway, each of the nominated bands will contribute a track to a compilation CD to be released on August 22 and the winner of the $20,000 grand prize will be selected on September 18 from a final jury of 11 of the 120 original jurors. And for those looking for an angle by which to condemn this event, the main sponsors of the prize are evil conglomorate Rogers and Yahoo!. Boo, hiss! Chart talks to Polaris exec Steve Jordan about the short list while The Globe & Mail contemplates the list.

But for the record, I’m pulling for the New Pornograpers, which means I will have to fight Zoilus.

Exclaim!’s review of Mojave 3’s Puzzles Of You includes a brief interview with Neil Halstead.

The Los Angeles Times talks to members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Belle & Sebastian’s Mick Cooke about their collaboration/performance at the Hollywood Bowl tomorrow night.

The New Pollution asks Stuart Brathwaite of Mogwai if they’ve mellowed.

Glide counts off the buzz bands of 2006 so far and essentially wraps up the entire indie rock blogosphere in one tidy list.

The Sadies are holding a CD release party for In Concert Vol. 1 (out August 8) at the Horseshoe September 8 and 9. You know what they should do? They should record it and release it as Volume 2, then record the release party for THAT and put it out as Volume 3, and so forth and so forth. That’d be awesome. Elsewhere, Early Day Miners are at Club Tranzac on September 13, Lambchop and The Tosca String Quartet are at Mod Club September 24 ($20), Be Your Own Pet are at the Horseshoe September 25, blogger beloveds Beirut (see above) are at the ‘Shoe October 4 ($10), Hot Chip at Mod Club October November 6 ($15) and from the Britpop graveyard – The Bluetones – BLUETONES – are at Lee’s Palace on Oct 6. Seriously.

np – Gemma Hayes / The Roads Don’t Love You

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  1. Torr says:

    indeed, the bluetones haven’t played north america in 10 years, since only their debut was ever even released in the U.S. It will be nice for people like me to finally get to see ’em live (even though the last album was crap.)

  2. Torr says:

    and as for that glide article, what year is it? making a list like this and then not linking to the song you’re telling people to download? And what’s snow patrol doing on that list? they’re good, but they’ve sold tens of thousands of more copies in the u.s. than any of the rest of those bands. it’s not as if there was a chance they were just gonna slip under people’s radars.

  3. kat says:

    Out of that list I’m most definitely rooting for either Malajube or Wolf Parade to win. Both have AMAZING albums released in ’05.

  4. JD says:

    Malajube or Final Fantasy.

    Wolf Parade and Broken Social Scene don’t need the attention.

    Pity, Metric made the list.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Like you, I’m amazed that Destroyer’s Rubies didn’t make the list. I thought it would be a front-runner to win the prize and yet it didn’t even get nominated…

    I hope either Final Fantasy’s He Poos Clouds or Cadence Weapon’s Breaking Kayfabe wins the prize. As was previously mentioned, bands like Wolf Parade and The New Pornographers don’t need the attention (as much).

    Since last year’s Mercury winner, Antony and the Johnson’s I Am A Bird Now, came out of left-field I’d assume the Polaris judges may follow a similar route.

  6. Matt says:

    hot chip is november 6th…

  7. Chris says:

    Maybe I’m a little confused about who’s eligible…but what about Islands?…anyways, for those rooting for Broken Social Scene I’ve got an mp3 from the band’s performance from Letterman the other night –

  8. Frank says:

    I think Islands was eligible but I guess didn’t get enough votes.

    for the record, I am wary of this turning into a "they don’t need the exposure, they shouldn’t win" sort of argument because that makes the judges arbiters of something far more nebulous than what the best album is, and that’s nebulous enough. If you step out of the indie world a bit and look at the nominees from the perspective of the mainstream, does any act REALLY have that much bigger a profile than another? I mean, relative to the Billy Talents or the Nelly Furtados or whatever? I don’t think so. Carl Newman isn’t driving around Vancouver in gold-plated Escalades. Yet.

  9. Christopher says:

    I don’t get the craze over Wolf Parade. Sounds like a collection of Modest Mouse toss-offs to me, I ahve really tried to hear something, anything, to explain the hype. Totally unimpressive.