Saturday, May 27th, 2006

Crush On Radio

Harp declares Rachel Flotard their red-hot crush for 2006 and I’m not going to disagree. How could you? Consider the evidence – she’s a hellacious singer, guitarist and songwriter and as good as she is at the power-pop of Visqueen, she’s somehow also got the pipes to sing backup for Neko Case. Throw in the fact that she’s goddamn funny, somehow finds time to pen a relationship column for Three Imaginary Girls and is a looker and half and by god you’ve got a renaissance woman for the 21st century.

Visqueen are currently recording their third album for release sometime this year. Here’s some AV from their last record Sunset On Dateland and, courtesy of their MySpace page, a John Fogerty cover. For reals.

MP3: Visqueen – “Blue”
MP3: Visqueen – “Centerfield”
MP3: Visqueen – “Buttercup”
Video: Visqueen – “Crush On Radio” (MOV)

The return of Wheat appears imminent. After going on hiatus in late 2004, there were rumblings of a return last year with the appearance of a cryptic “everyday i said a prayer for kathy and made a one inch square – 2006” message on their website. As it turns out, this will be the title of their new album, due out later this year, and the first sample from it has been released to the wilds of the internet. It’s important to note that Ricky Brennan is no longer in the band – he is busy with his new project Duresse, who have just released their debut Elate EP though what I’ve heard doesn’t especially excite. Wheat soldiers on as Scott and Brendan and from the sounds of it, have rediscovered some of the magic that made Medeiros and Hope & Adams so special. This pleases us.

MP3: Wheat – “What Everyone Keeps Telling Me”
MP3: Duresse – “Ghost Ship”

More wonders of YouTube – Neil Young, circa 1976, asking for directions in Glasgow and then busking on the street with “The Old Laughing Lady” on banjo. Thanks to Kevin, author of Neil Young Nation, for the link.

Video: Neil Young – “The Old Laughing Lady” (YouTube)

Pitchfork is first out the gates with info on the new Mountain Goats record Get Lonely, which will be out August 22. To quote PF quoting 4AD, “If [the last Mountain Goats album, 2005’s] The Sunset Tree derived its power and energy from an unblinking exorcism of personal demons, Get Lonely is perhaps the quiet, haunted aftermath. It’s a reflective, intimate record; the mood is one of bittersweet resignation rather than cathartic release”.

August 22 is turning into one of those perfect storm of new release dates. In addition to the Goats record, there’s the previously announced new ones from Eric Bachmann, M Ward and Lambchop, and just announced – Champaign, Illinois’ Headlights’ debut full-length Kill Them With Kindness will also be in stores that day. Someone, not naming names, just got a copy in the mail and someone – again, anonymous – is liking what they’re hearing.

The Toronto Sun rounds up the upcoming concert season, naturally focusing mainly on larger venue and outdoor shows. Interesting that they claim to confirm Morrissey for two nights, October 14 and 15, at Massey Hall. Oh Moz, does this mean you forgive us for our reckless clubbing of baby seals? They also pencil in Belle & Sebastian for a return engagement sometime in July, though the implied Molson Amphitheatre venue doesn’t really excite. I can’t imagine it’d be anything but reserved seating – including the lawns would be 16,000 people and that’s just a little much, methinks. They also toss out Sonic Youth in August, The Flaming Lips as part of some sort of festival (though not together?). Of course, any article that credits The Raconteurs to Jack Black can’t be held up as having huge credibility (they claim a club show sometime in the Fall).

And one show not mentioned in the piece but confirmed by Brooklynvegan are Australia’s Grates, who are at Lee’s Palace on June 22.

And to tie together the last paragraph and the one before it, The Syndey Morning Herald talks to Mick Cooke of Belle & Sebastian. Good for Mick. No one ever talks to the trumpet player.

Any locals looking for a guide for Doors Open Toronto this weekend, check out this Google Map mash-up courtesy of The Toronto Star (via Torontoist). This is a fun event – the CBC building was a little bit of a let down last year (ooh, empty sound stage) but I’m going to try and hit some more interesting spots this year. Operative word being “try”. And also tonight – the Scott Pilgrim launch party. The Toronto Star talks to creator Bryan Lee-O’Malley.

So X-Men 3 came out yesterday and reviews aren’t awful, at least for a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster. I’ve not seen it yet, but probably in the next week or so. Related – Slashfilm lists off Ten Ways to Ruin A Comic Book Movie, PopMatters considers Alan Moore’s complaints about V For Vendetta and Wired contemplates Superman.

np – Headlights / Kill Them With Kindness

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  1. Jeff says:

    I want to know how you got a copy of Kill Them with Kindness already! I’ve been a huge Headlights fan for years now (I’m from Champaign) and I want a copy of that album pronto.

  2. 666 says:

    Twilight Singers tonight at Lee’s Palace!!

  3. Sarah says:

    The Twilight Singers show was sooooo good. I nearly hitchhiked to Montreal today to catch them again.

  4. vicky says:

    Moz has forgiven Jesus but not Canada apparently.

    The Toronto Sun report has been dismissed as false by the record company, a fansite reports:


  5. Karl says:

    <i>X-3</i> was just good enough that it will probably bug you just how much better it could have been without Ratner.

    And I don’t have a list of Ten Ways to Ruin A Ten Ways to Ruin A Comic Book Movie List on /Film, but if I did, one of them would be:

    <b>Be Sure To Watch The Movies You Complain About:</b> If you want to know how Doctor Octopus can pay for the machine that he’s building in <i>Spider-Man 2,</i> watch the movie. He robbed a bank. If you’re writing for comics fans, bet that some will notice this.