Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Still Hungover

I’ll freely admit I expected the worst before I listened to Catfish Haven’s Please Come Back EP – for whatever reason, I steeled myself for some indie-friendly faux-blues act like (insert name of preferred two-piece, colour-themed band here) which has never been my cup of tea. So how pleased was I to find instead a slab of raw, deep Southern soul straight out of the land of Stax and Volt? Singer/guitarist George Hunter’s rasp is raw, anguished and utterly convincing, especially when propelled by the lean, insistent rhythm section. Opener “Please Come Back” is easily the high point of the six-song, 24-minute set, but the rest, composed of yearning ballads and gritty rockers, aren’t far behind. It’s a compact debut, but a gripping one.

Daytrotter has an extensive feature on the band (via Grant Manship), who play Sneaky Dee’s on May 6 with Asobi Seksu and PAS/CAL as part of The Over The Top Fest. Three disparate but wonderful bands on one bill. Awesome. Check out a some of their tunes below – there’s more music on their website and MySpace.

MP3: Catfish Haven – “Please Come Back”
MP3: Catfish Haven – “Madalin” (new demo)

CTV reports on Neil Young’s appearance on CNN Tuesday night while Reprise head honcho Howie Klein offers his thoughts on the record after having heard it, and it looks like any fears I had about them not having the guts to market or release it were unfounded. Look for Living With War in the early Summer.

John Vanderslice loves being interviewed, like by NOW. Yell rude and unexpected questions at him when he plays the El Mocambo on Friday night.

The Tufts Daily has an interview with Rhett Miller, who is currently pushing his solo record The Believer. His day job will be releasing a best-of on June 20 called Hit By A Train: The Best Of The Old 97’s. Full details here.

New Buffalo, who represents the Australian arm of Arts & Crafts’ global empire, will be opening for The Concretes on their two Canadian dates, including May 4 at the Horseshoe. I’ve had a chance to listen to the Concretes’ In Colour a few times now, and am enjoying it maybe more than most. It’s definitely a lot more immediate and pop than their first record, and while I can understand missing some of the orch-Motown vibe, the new country-ish vibe also sits well with me.

And in a similar musical vein – Glasgow’s Camera Obscura will release their third full-length Let’s Get Out Of This Century on June 6. Hear one of the new songs on their MySpace, a wonderful tribute to fellow Scot Lloyd Cole. I totally need to listen to Rattlesnakes again.

Also noteworthy in local concert news – Minneapolis’ Brooklyn’s Hold Steady will be at Lee’s Palace on July 31 (full tour dates here) while The Charlatans are at The Phoenix May 22, tickets are $27.50 and go on sale Saturday. The Jose Gonzalez/Juana Molina show on June 26 now has a home – it’ll be happening at Trinty-St Paul’s, absolutely the perfect place for it but that means it won’t be cheap. And finally, punk legends Stiff Little Fingers will be at the Horseshoe on June 13, tickets $23, while 80s Bossa Nova revivalists Nouvelle Vague are at the Mod Club on September 14.

np – Centro-Matic / Fort Recovery

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  1. rgsc says:

    Thanks for the new Catfish Haven, but the link for "Madalin" is the same as "Please Come Back"

  2. Frank says:

    sorry, fixed!

  3. Jake says:

    Re: marketing Neil’s album

    Record execs (except Howie Klein, apparently) don’t care about politics nearly as much as they care about money. This album is a guaranteed headline, so they’re going to capitalize on that and cash in. Neil knows how to work the system, and his people know how to write a great press release.

    He’s been doing this same stuff for 40 years. From "Ohio" to his support for Reagan, from Farm Aid to "Let’s Roll" and his support of the USA PATRIOT act. And now this. And every time, the press eats it up.

    I love Neil, and I’m excited about this new album. But hopefully someday he’ll re-discover his sense of lyrical subtlety and elusive imagery that he seems to have lost sometime around the the turn of the century.

    "I’ll always remember something Chris Rock said…" Uggh.

  4. Matthew Berlyant says:

    The Hold Steady are based in and formed in Brooklyn. Leader Craig Finn was in Lifter Puller, who were based in Minneapolis, but that’s before he moved.

  5. Frank says:

    man, I’ve totally had it with you people and your "facts".

  6. rgsc says:

    heh that reminds me of a great Simpsons quote: "Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that’s even remotely true!"
    Thanks for fixing the link.

  7. Tiia Heinonen says:

    I love Catfish Haven. I just discoverd this band from the charts. I really do think they will get far. I’m glad that I get to listen their songs and adverse them to my friends. Still Hungover and Please come back are my favorite songs. I love ’em.

    Love Tiia Heinonen

  8. Tiia Heinonen says:

    Oh and I forgot to say that I’m from Finland. :D If anyone has ever heard of the place. Conan O’Brian has been talking about this country in he’s show. I really hope that someone from the band Catfish haven will read this comment and wants to come to perform here. Thank youuuuuuu. <3