Saturday, March 4th, 2006

The Look Of Flowers That Are Looked At

People hereabouts are getting excited about the April 13 Voxtrot show at Sneaky Dee’s, but it would be an injustice to ignore the other band on that tour, Los Angeles’ Irving. Boasting five singer/songwriters and some uncanny pop sense, the band have expanded their sonic palette on their third platter and the results are, frankly, a lot more interesting. I mean, I like Beatle-y/Beach Boy-y power-pop as much as the next guy, but sometimes it’s like eating a case of pixie sticks. Not all that substantial and can leave you a little queasy. But Irving are like rock sugar – sweet but not overprocessed. And they might make your teeth hurt, but not from decay. Just from… breaking them. I don’t know, this analogy is going nowhere. I’m getting off the bus here.

But don’t take it out on Irving. Their new album, Death In The Garden, Blood On The Flowers, is out April 4 and like most bands on the planet, they’ve got music available to sample on their MySpace page or via eCard – or you can just grab/watch these. Like many bands, they’re going to be ALL over SxSW – dates and times on their MySpace page – and if you’re heading to their Toronto show to catch Voxtrot, be sure to get there early enough to see Irving. Tickets for that one just went on sale, $6 is all it’ll cost ya.

MP3: Irving – “Situation”
MP3: Irving – “Jen, Nothing Matters To Me”
Video: Irving – “Situation” (MOV)

Exclaim! wants to introduce you to the works of Mr Elvis Costello. What’s that? You’ve heard of him? The devil you say! EC’s new album is a jazz record – Live With the Metropole Orkest: My Flame Burns Blue came out this past Tuesday.

Harp presents ten things you didn’t know about Grandaddy to add to two things you did know – Just Like The Fambly Cat is out April 4 and it will be their final album.

Filter makes their recent Death Cab feature article available online.

The intimate Snow Patrol gig scheduled for March 30 at the Mod Club just got a little less intimate as it’s been moved to the Opera House. End Of Fashion support.

Sarah Harmer talks to The Philadelphia Inquirer about I’m A Mountain.

The Sydney Morning Herald talks to Lou Barlow and Murph about Dinosaur Jr’s wholly improbable reunion. Via Largehearted Boy.

Drowned In Sound reconsiders Low.

Tiny Mix Tapes gets all Charlie Kaufmann with Chuck Klosterman, who Gawker reports is no longer writing columns about nothing for Spin.

np – Elvis Costello / Extreme Honey

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  1. John says:

    Never eat a whole case of pixie sticks. George Bush did and look how he turned out. A cautionary tale.