Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

SxSW XX In Words

As the multitude of journalists and writers who were in Austin slowly get their heads back together, more SxSW wrap ups are trickling out. Check out pieces from the world of print – The Toronto Sun, the Associated Press, New York Magazine, NOW and The Washington Post, The Seattle Times, while Chart updates with not one, not two but but three more reports from Austin. If you want more, Google News is your friend.

The online community also continues to report back – here’s stuff from PopMatters, Pitchfork (and with photos) and MTV while bloggers in attendance are checking in. Largehearted Boy has also been collating recordings of the festival for your perusal.

I’ve only skimmed most of the above so I haven’t quite gotten a feel for who the concensus breakout acts of the festival were, save to say that I almost guarantee I didn’t see them. The photo above doesn’t nearly capture the chaos that was E 6th St on Friday and Saturday nights when the UT spring break kids were starting to filter back into town. Just one more day of SxSW recaps tomorrow and then that’s it. For a year, anyway.

DIW sits down and talks creative process with both John Darnielle and John Vanderslice. Two Johns. Two of them.

Bradley’s Almanac has MP3s of Serena Maneesh’s recent show in Boston. Brad also finds out that the reason they’ve cancelled all their Canadian dates isn’t our immigration, but Americas – if the noisenik Norwegians leave the land of the free, they stand a good chance of not getting back in. Alas and alack, but they plan to be back in the Fall and make it up to the Canucks.

The long-rumoured Feist compilation of remixes and rarities will see the light of day next month as Open Season, tracklisting available here. Release date is a little sketchy right now – it looks to be out April 17 in the UK, but no info as to whether we’ll have it domestically the next day.

Mojave 3’s Puzzles Of You has been given yet another release date – third time the charm? Look for it on June 19, and the first single Breaking The Ice on May 29. Artwork here, more info here.

Idlewild frontman Roddy Woomble is putting out a solo record. I, for one, would be delighted to be able to see “Roddy Woomble” in my iTunes playlist – it’d just look so funny. I mean, look at it. Woomble.

The Washington Post thinks the Rabbit Fur Coat looks good on Jenny Lewis. For The Records reports back from her show in Toronto last Thursday.

Synthesis asks the same questions of Isobel Campbell as every other publication.

24: Subtle hints at giving him something he wants, longing glances, offering a “wet list”… is Jack coming on to the German agent? But Jack will rue crossing the Germans, you know it… but how exactly do you program a flash memory card to self destruct? Man, Collette is such a disappointment. You know Mandy wouldn’t have been caught so easily. You know, I’m not sure how much I’m buying this Julian Sands as the big bad thing. He’s practically a Eurotrash villain cliche these days. It would be much better if Peter Weller was higher up the food chain than he, and above him? John Lithgow… as Dr Emilio Lizardo! BUCKAROO BANZAI, PEOPLE. BUCKAROO BANZAI. But seriously, I didn’t see that Audrey twist coming and I’m not sure I buy it. They better have a damn good explanation for it one way or the other. I will once again be abroad for the next two weeks, so more than likely no 24 commentary. Be strong. Carry on my wayward son.

np – Mogwai / Mr Beast

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  1. Torr says:

    Man, Mojave 3 are killing me with these delays! The 3 songs I’ve heard from the new album are great, I cannot wait. Then again, it’s worth the wait if they use all this promo setup time properly, it’s a crying shame the band can’t even get arrested in the UK.

    Neil Halstead = National Freakin’ Treasure.

  2. duce says:

    Looks like Jack Bauer gets to choke a bitch in the next episode…..

  3. sam says:

    the ex just told me that maybe someone assumed Audrey’s identity. maybe. even if she had sold the (Digitally-Encrypted!) schematics, it would have been before she knew Jack was alive. so maybe she did have a price then.

    i like the German Agent angle. my guess is he’s coming after Jack now. i was hoping Jack’d make it up to him in a future adventure. it could have been good. loved the international/you’re-not-the-only-one-who-matters angle and full moon/hotel rooftop meeting. oh well.

    and Sean Callery rocks!

  4. Dodge says:

    word Frank! awesome hanging with you at SXSW, I’ll be mentioning it further tomorrow…good man.

  5. StJohn says:

    RE: Feist’s "Open Season"

    I asked about it at HMV yesterday, and they’ve got it listed for the 18th.

  6. kathryn says:

    I actually found Dodgeball to be a pretty good way to keeping track of who was where and seeing what. Hopefully more of my friends use it during the Music Festival next year. Even you, when you get a cell phone that works in the US and start text messaging like crazy.


  7. derek says:

    So, geek question…do you think Audrey Raines is the mole? Not sure what to think…but I’ve come to learn that you never know what’s going to happen in that show.

  8. Keri says:

    Thanks for the links. I enjoyed reading about what I missed as the shows I went to were almost entirely different.
    I’m up to date (as of today) to Friday.