Saturday, March 25th, 2006

Saving A Free Seat

Hello from Vancouver. I’m making an overnight stopover out here en route to Taiwan, and then Japan (and then back to Taiwan). I should remain pretty well connected whilst over there, and time zone wackiness notwithstanding, posting should continue apace and I shouldn’t be slipping into full travelblog mode either. There’s probably only so many times I can say “I don’t understand anything anyone is saying”.

And naturally, while I’m gone, there’s a whole whack of shows coming through town that I would otherwise be all over like a fat kid on Smarties. But even though I’m half a world away, there’s no reason you shouldn’t attend (these specific shows for Torontonians and these tours for those on the east coast):

The Magnolia Electric Co & Destroyer @ Lee’s Palace – March 25
Neko Case @ The Music Hall – April 2
The Hidden Cameras @ The Music Gallery – April 2
Eisley @ The Mod Club – April 3
Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s with South @ Lee’s Palace – April 3
Arab Strap @ Lee’s Palace – April 4
The Flaming Lips @ The Phoenix – April 4
Centro-Matic with Great Lake SwimmerS @ The Horseshoe – April 5
Beth Orton @ The Carlu – April 6

All of these come with some degree of endorsement from yours truly, for what that’s worth, though realistically I’d probably only have made a real effort to get to the Margot, Centro-Matic and Flaming Lips shows. And if I have to recommend just one show to see in the next two weeks, it’s unequivocably Centro-Matic. And not just because there’s no way you’re getting Lips tickets. Their new one Fort Recovery continues to grow on me and their day show at SxSW last week definitely served to remind that they’re an amazing live act – hopefully they’ll bring their a-game for their Canadian debuts. Creative Loafing and Cokemachineglow both have interviews with head Centro Will Johnson. And note this endorsement has nothing to do with the Centro-Matic ad running down the side there, but if you want to hear Fort Recovery streamed online, feel free to click through…

The St Paul Pinoeer Press recounts the story of Neko Case while Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune (via The Miamit Herald) talks to Neko and producer Daryl Neudorf about fairy tales and Fox Confessor.

Chart talks to Arab Strap’s Aidan Moffatt about cheering up on The Last Romance. Incrementally. And co-conspirator Malcolm Middleton compiles “Nine Songs That Give Me Goosebumps and Make Me Want to Give up Music When I Hear Them Because I Feel Like Dirt Next to Them” for Pitchfork.

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a press maelstrom of Lips-ian proportions brewing. Duck and cover, kids. Duck and cover. The UK is getting it started with Flaming Lips pieces in The Telegraph, The Scotsman and The Independent.

Beth Orton is the subject of feature/interviews with Paste and North

Joey Santiago tells Billboard that besides a brief European tour this Summer, he has no idea what Pixies will do next.

Some rock (three-finger devil salute) shows to announce – The Duke Spirit are at Lee’s Palace on April 18 and Heavy Trash are at the Horseshoe on May 6.

So on the plane yesterday, I was served some Yoplait “Probiotic active culture”. Mmm mm good! Ask for it by name! I spent much of yesterday roaming the UBC campus and otherwise enjoying the temperate Vancouver weather. Today I am on a 13 hour flight across the Pacific to Taipei. That international date line thing is fearsome to me. It’ll be like some crazy-ass time warp. But see you on the flip side.

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  1. angryrobot says:

    Are you in Japan for business, blogging, or vacation? My wife and I took our honeymoon there in the fall of 2004 and it was awesome. If you’re getting to Tokyo, there are some cool record shops in Shibuya. And you owe it to yourself to go to the fish market and have some sushi.

  2. pete says:

    Art Brut played at Richard’s last night w/ Gil Mantera’s Dream Party, and it was nuts, great show. You should’ve gone.

  3. Quinn says:

    I was just going to say that about Art Brut.

  4. pete says:

    Funny, because I was the guy who posted about the pink undies on your blog.

  5. david says:

    We honeymooned in Japan, too, and I lived in Osaka for almost a year. Hsve fun, and feel free to travelogue it up, Chromewaves is all good all the time.

  6. phin says:

    I’m about as close as you’d want to a daily reader. Since leaving the fair shores of our great continent behind nearly 3 years ago, I’ve replaced frequent trips to Victoria’s ‘Ditch Records’ with rummages around your gatherings. My point is, I live in Taipei and know the locations of some small alley rain pattered tea shops, if you’re interested in such places. Red wine, or Hsinchu black tea.

  7. phin says:

    (self-reflexive comment) My god, I sound like I’m posting on some personals site. I mean, that particular tea shop is great. But you’ll probably be interested more by temples and the vegetable peddlers. Fuck. There is a kind of futility in posting comments on a blog. Oh well.

  8. Frank says:

    I am in Taiwan/Japan for a vacation of sorts. My mom wants me to get in touch with my roots. I argue that hailing from Kitchener, Ontario, my roots are more German/Mennonite, but that falls on deaf ears. But anyway, I’m here in Taipei at my aunt’s place and thank whatever local deity is most convenient that I’ve got internet access, otherwise it would be a very very very long couple weeks.

    Japan will be Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto with a tour group. We leave Tuesday. Which would mean more if I knew what day today was.

  9. kathryn says:

    Have fun in Japan and Taiwan!

    Be sure to check out all of the fake Starbucks chains, Ice Monster, insanely clean public transit, soup dumplings, and delicious seafood while you’re there.