Friday, March 10th, 2006

It Sounds Like They’re In Love With You

Sound On Sound, the recently released odds-and-sods compilation from Detroit’s Saturday Looks Good To Me is like a 30-song, 80-minute trip into the twisted pop psyche of SLGTM mastermind Fred Thomas consisting of tracks culled from the band’s plethora of limited edition 7″s, compilations, EPs and so forth. Fully-fleshed out pieces bump elbows with ultra lo-fi demos and song sketches, some sounding like they were committed to tape with maximum expediency, before inspiration fled. A goodly number of the tracks are built on drum machines and loops, adding a new dimension to SLGTM’s usual Motown/Spector homages. It’s also fun to compare and contrast vocalists, in particular the wide-eyed sweetness of Kelly Jean Caldwell’s voice circa All Your Summer Songs with the Every Night girl-group sass of the incomparable Betty Marie Barnes.

It may only be March, but Sound On Sound is like the best Summer mix tape you’re likely to hear this year, even the Christmas songs, at least until a better one comes out – and that might just well be the next Saturday Looks Good To Me full-length. But be warned – as Thomas tells The Hub, the new record, which is due in the Fall, will be a more polished departure from his earler works and feature – gasp – only his vocals. I guess we’ll see how that sounds when whatever incarnation of SLGTM he’s touring with hits SxSW next week. I had planned on basing much of my schedule around catching as many SLGTM shows as possible (there are four in three days but not on Saturday, ironically), but if there’s no BMB hottness in effect, I may be content with just their Wednesday night showcase at Emo’s.

You’d think that after compiling Sound On Sound the vaults would be empty, but not so – if you go to the band’s MySpace page, you can listen to and download two more rarities that didn’t make the album. Prolific? Yeah, just a little. Here are three songs from Sound On Sound for your listening pleasure.

MP3: Saturday Looks Good To Me – “Can’t Ever Sleep”
MP3: Saturday Looks Good To Me – “Lift Me Up”
MP3: Saturday Looks Good To Me – “Disaster”

And continuing today’s unofficial theme of Chromewaves celeb crushes, it appears that Ms Gemma Hayes, or more accurately her label, have decided that releasing The Roads Don’t Love You internationally is no longer a priority. There was supposed to be a May North American release, but I guess that’s been trumped. Thank goodness for CDWow. With this in mind, you can be damn sure I won’t be missing her SxSW showcase at Soho Lounge on March 17 at 10PM (St Patrick’s Day, natch). Finally, Prefix has a live video of Gemma performing “Undercover”, Contactmusic has an interview and there’s some more tracks, album and live/demos, at her MySpace page. And there’s a rumour floating about that she’s making a record with none other than Kevin Shields… best news ever? Maybe so.

Amy Millan of Stars’ debut solo album, Honey From The Tombs, will finally see the light of day on May 30 and Arts & Crafts are offering a preview – you can download “Skinny Boy” for free from the Arts & Crafts store. Via Just Keep Bloggin’, who also has the cigar lounge-approved cover art.

Sweden’s Concretes have a new album completed and a new video to go along with it. The first single from In Colour, out April 4, is “Chosen One” and you can see the vid below. The band sadly had to bail on their SxSW plans, but will still be hitting North America this Spring including a date at the Horseshoe on May 4, tickets $15.

Video: The Concretes – “Chosen One” (WMV)

For The Records reports that Billy Bragg will be doing an instore/autograph session at the HMV on Yonge St on Saturday before his show at the Opera House that night. I will be doing my bit and swinging by later today to find out exactly when Mr Bragg will be doing his PR duties – check back for an update this PM. In the meantime, Rolling Stone talks to Bragg about his new Volume 1 box set. Update: Sir William of Bragg will be at His Master’s Voice at 2PM.

Miss Neko Case on Leno last night? That’s why we have Prefix. And also in the realm of late night TV, Neil Young was on The Daily Show on Wednesday night. I had no idea. If you missed it, go torrent the March 8 episode. It’s great, and not just for Neil. WEIGHTLIFTING PANDA!

np – (The Sounds Of) Kaleidoscope / From Where You Were to How You Got There

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  1. ts says:

    Neil on the Daily Show was awesome. Best part – he was talking through the TV to his dog. Classic stuff.

  2. Peck says:

    So he had access to some amazing female vocalists, and then he completely abandoned them and forged ahead with his own unpleasant nasal twang? Wow, I don’t think I’ll actively search out their new album.

    That sounds harsh, but damn, his voice has only worked well with a couple of songs, and none of them were on All Your Summer Songs or Every Night.

    But thank you for the interview.