Saturday, February 25th, 2006


The long-awaited The New York Times Magazine piece on the Toronto indie music scene gets published tomorrow, but is already online at their website (Bugmenot). While there are nods to Toronto institutions like Wavelength and Blocks Blocks Blocks, the piece unsurprisingly focuses squarely on Broken Social Scene with Kevin Drew acting as unofficial ambassador for the city.

Though it’s no doubt annoying to some who feel that BSS are overexposed/sell outs/just plain bad, this is an entirely logical move by the Times. Besides being the highest profile act in the city right now, talking about BSS also tangentially covers something like half the other bands in the city. But never let it be said that reason stood in the way of a good old fashioned bitching. It took the kids at Stille Post, who posted the article earlier this week, a little while but there’s now some hearty debate/complaining about the Scene versus the scene and who’s in and who’s out and other such drama. I had been a little disappointed before that they’d initially shown an uncharacteristic amount of restraint in tearing the article to shreds, but I guess they were just getting warmed up. There was also some less prickly commentary from two of our city blogs, Torontoist and Paved.

A little more BSS linkage – Australia’s The Age has an interview with Charles Spearin and Stereogum has the band’s version of “Puff The Magic Dragon”, which whill appear on See You On The Moon, an album of children’s songs being put out by Paper Bag Records. The ‘Gum has both the album version and an earlier version that was apparently rejected for being too “freaky”.

More previewing tonight’s big show – talks to Carl Newman of The New Pornographers and Chart chats with Chris Geddes of Belle & Sebastian.

While firm new release info from Ted Leo is still forthcoming, he’s posted a couple of rehearsal demos of new tracks that should appear on the album. Check them out:

MP3: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – “Army Bound”
MP3: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – “Some Beginner’s Mind”

Some show updates – Metal Hearts will be playing with Minus The Bear at Lee’s Palace on April 23, tickets $13.50, and The Elected will be at The Horseshoe on March 30.

np – Explosions In The Sky / How Strange, Innocence

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  1. rachel says:

    Have fun at the show tonight. I can’t wait until they get here. Maybe I’ll get to dance with Stuart again.

  2. Mr. F says:

    Does anyone know the set times for tonights show? Also, the last time I went to the Docks was to see Interpol and well…without a doubt it was the worst venue I have ever seen a show in, but aparently they now use a different layout as was done for the Iron n Wine/Calexico thingy. Anyone know if this is how it is being done tonight?

  3. Frank says:

    set times:
    doors 7:30, TNP @ 8:30, B&S @ 10:00

    I don’t think they’re using the half-theatre configuration for tonight’s show, it’s probably the full 3500 capacity layout.

  4. Goose says:

    What do you think of the two tracks by Ted? I think Matt of YANP hit it right on the nose when he said the second track could use some work. The first is stellar though.