Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

And We Lean In

Brief preface – every band mentioned in today’s post is releasing a new record in the early part of this year that I expect great, great things from, and it’s only February. No doubt in my mind that 2006 is going to be an amazing year for music. End preface.

Filter declares Trespassers William a band to watch and The Great Beyond recently conducted an email interview with Anna-Lynne Williams and Ross Simonini about the new record, Having. The band have also posted their segment from a recent Anti-Hit List on their MySpace page. It’s brief, but positive. The new album isn’t out till February 28, but audio samples are beginning to appear here, there and everywhere. Nettwerk has audio from the whole album available to preview here, but if your RealPlayer doesn’t work (like mine, I think my router refuses to pass any RTSP requests… anyone know a fix?), then head over to Filter (again) and stream “And We Lean In”. And also be sure to grab this MP3 – it’s dazzling.

MP3: Trespassers William – “Safe Sound”

As the release of Belle & Sebastian’s The Life Pursuit on Tuesday draws near, there’s more and more to report. The AV Club has a sit down with Stuart Murdoch about this and that, while Pitchfork wants to remind you that there will be a special edition of The Life Pursuit available that comes with a bonus DVD featuring six songs recorded live for BBC Scotland. NME has three songs from the album streaming right now, but AOL trumps them by making the whole album available to preview.

Some exciting show news (at least for me) – At long last, Brooklyn’s Dirty On Purpose will make their Toronto debut with a show at Lee’s Palace on March 6. I’m a little surprised they’re playing a venue that big their first time out, making me think there might be someone else of note on the bill, but either way, it’ll be great to have them in town and I heartily recommend everyone attend and brings their mothers.

And though not verified, another highly-recommended act making what I think is their Toronto debut is Denton, Texas’ Centro-Matic. Donewaiting has some tour dates in support of their new album Fort Recovery and though at first glance it looks like they’re foresaking Canada again, according to this post at the Undertow Music message boards, they’ve actually already booked an April 4 date in Montreal and reading between the lines, an April 5 show in Toronto is looking likely. Naturally, I will be out of town for this momentous event but highly recommend anyone with an interest in roots rock or just good music hit this show. Centro-Matic are the awesome. That’s right, definite article. Their Triggers & Trash Heaps EP is out on Tuesday.

And speaking of conspicuous tour gaps, one can’t help but notice the days off between Lansing, Michigan and Montreal on Neko Case’s tour dates for Fox Confessor Brings The Flood. Neko back in Toronto on April 2 or 3? It could happen. And Young & Sexy have confirmed dates as close as Hamilton on April 23 to support their new one Panic When You Find It, out February 14. It seems inconcievable that they’d come all the way out here from Vancouver and only play Steeltown and not Hogtown, so I’m hoping that there’ll be something local to report on or around April 24.

Chromewaves – your one-stop, concert rumour-mongering shop.

np – The Zephyrs / A Year To The Day

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  1. sp says:

    Speaking of Neko Case, she was great last night with the Sadies in Waterloo (their warm-up show for their two Toronto love-ins this weekend). Three songs with them during their second set, including the Buffy St. Marie cover from her last album, and a great version of Emmylou Harris’ Evangaline during the encore. The best part of the night however was the Unintended’s set. Total late 60s acid rock, 3 songs lasted about 25 minutes!

    Centro-Matic is confirmed for Montreal, playing with great lake swimmers. I’m hoping they make it to Toronto too, the new album is great.

    Am I the only person really disappointed with the new Belle & Sebastian?

  2. jinners says:

    i wish i was coming to toronto too!

  3. Jordan says:

    >Am I the only person really disappointed with the new Belle & Sebastian?


    Fourth time through, I still can’t remember a note.

  4. david says:

    I hope Centro-matic makes it to Toronto, Frank, they put on a great show. I have to decide which shows on the tour I’m going to see.

  5. Frank says:

    I asked Will Johnson in 2004 why they never made it to Toronto, and he said they’d played Winnipeg before…

    Not the same, Will, but thanks.

    It figures that I won’t be around to see them make their T.O. debut, but I saw them at SxSW last year, and even though I couldn’t actually stand upright by that point, I still really enjoyed their set. I will hopefully catch them again this year, which shouldn’t be too difficult. I think they played at least three shows over the week in 05.

  6. Paul says:

    Sorry, but two of you people are craz-ay! The new B&S album is overflowing with their best songs in years and years (and years)… most notably "White Collar Boy," which has knocked "Lazy Line Painter Jane" out of the top spot on my personal list of favorite B&S songs ever.

    Thank jeebus they finally realized that fey, acoustic stuff was only going to work for so long.