Thursday, January 19th, 2006

You Don't Belong

Los Angeles’ Cerulean isn’t a band that’s gotten a lot of profile in any of the internet circles I travel in, but they have gotten a lot of love amongst devotees of The Big Takeover mailing list, where I first heard of them, thanks in no small part to their sonic similarity to BTO faves Catherine Wheel. Singer/guitarist Rick Bolander’s pipes are definitely reminiscent of Rob Dickinson’s, though with less of that uniquely British sense of drama. There’s parallels to be drawn musically, as well – they deftly combine gentler, atmospheric moments with driving, anthemic rock action and while it’s not the most fashionable sound right now, but it’s not that far removed. And I know there are those for whom this sound is like manna from heaven (do you have original LP pressings of Heaven Up Here and Script Of The Bridge?) and am pretty sure some of them read this site, so for them – check it out. They released their third full-length album No Sense In Waiting last year, and have generously posted a couple tracks from it online to check out. They’ve also got the requisite MySpace page if you want to be friends.

MP3: Cerulean – “Quiet Release”
MP3: Cerulean – “Here Is Hoping”

IndieInterviews has a podcast interview with Chris Hrasky of Explosions In The Sky – I don’t usually listen to podcasts (for reasons dull and uninteresting), but this is one I will probably have to take the time out for.

Fountains Of Wayne tell Billboard they’re going back into the studio to record the follow-up to Welcome Interstate Managers. Adam Schlesinger will also be teaming up with fellow Scratchie Records cohort James Iha to try and make America cool. Good luck, guys. And it’s interesting how Iha isn’t mentioned in this report about a Smashing Pumpkins reunion… Oversight? Or conspiracy?

The Stranger talks literature and music with Colin Meloy on the eve of his solo tour. And if he’s not coming near your town, You Ain’t No Picasso has his in-studio performance at KEXP yesterday all ripped and zipped for you to download.

Coming to town – Howe Gelb at the Horseshoe on March 5 and Liars at Lee’s on June 21.

I was asked to contribute to this/last year’s eye music critics poll. the final results of which are now up here, with commentary here and here. I don’t think a whole lot of my picks really made it in there, but that’s okay. I got my name in the big list and that’s what really matters. And if you’d like to be a music journalist and have your opinion polled, PopMatters has a quick test to see if you have what it takes. Hey, Tommy LaSorda did it – maybe you can too!

Newsarama talks to the brain trust behind Justice League Unlimited, which is still frustratingly in limbo. However Comic Book Resources reports that new episodes will begin airing on YTV up here in Canada starting February 1. And don’t forget that the complete first season will be out on DVD on March 21.

I don’t care what the zookeepers say, this will all end in tears. I bet they’ve got a pool going.

np – Bedhead / Transaction De Novo

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  1. Sean Palmerston says:

    Is it Howe Gelb solo playing in Toronto or his new Arizona Amp & Alternator band that will be at the Horseshoe?

  2. Frank says:

    Pollstar only says Howe Gelb, no further details… an email to Against The Grain would probably clarify, though.

  3. Eric Grubbs says:

    That Explosions interview is really good. Yeah, it’s short, but it has a lot of meat to it.