Sunday, January 1st, 2006

Great Expectations

Once a year, The New Year becomes the most topically-named band in the world. Formed from the ashes of Bedhead and based from no fixed address (though the Kadane brothers still call Texas home), those who didn’t know otherwise could be forgiven for thinking they were still the same band because, well, sonically they pretty much are. You can argue the production on The New Year records is a little fuller (The End Is Near even incorporates piano!) or the songwriting a little more lively, but in truth it just follows the same path of growth that Bedhead was on between WhatFunLifeWas and Transaction De Novo. They combine slow, languid tempos and narcoleptic vocals with hypnotic, interweaving guitar lines and occasional bursts of rapidly-strummed fury and if you’re in the right mood, it’s the best thing ever. Which I am, but since I spun both New Year records yesterday, it’ll probably be a Bedhead kind of day today.

While they promise touring in 2006, there’s no mention of a new record on the horizon and any shows will have to come after February, since drummer Chris Brokaw has his own European tour scheduled to promote his solo album Incredible Love. Maybe they’ll find some time for a SxSW appearance? Seeing as how they never come to Canada, I would stand in line to see them play. There’s no shortage of stuff to download off their website, and their MySpace page has one more song streaming for your approval.

MP3: The New Year – “Chinese Handcuffs”
MP3: The New Year – “Disease”
MP3: The New Year – “Gasoline”
MP3: The New Year – “Great Expectations” (live)
MP3: The New Year – “Half A Day” (live)
Video: The New Year – “Disease” (MOV)

Happy New Year. Regular programming will re-commence tomorrow.

np – Sufjan Stevens / Michigan

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