Monday, December 26th, 2005

We'll All Be Portions For Foxes

You can always count on Stereogum to take the year-end poll to simultaneously sexy and silly extremes. Witness his “indie hottie of 2005 (female)” poll. Not surprisingly, Jenny Lewis takes the title, followed by Feist, Maya Arulpragasm (aka M.I.A.), Neko Case and Metric’s Emily Haines. Just goes to show – Canadian (and honourary Canadian) women rule. Me, I was one of four who voted for Gemma Hayes (Girl with a Telecaster – what can I say?), though I am flabbergasted that Ambrosia Parsley of Shivaree was shut out. Come on). Madness.

And lest anyone pull out the “sexism” pointing stick, may I direct you to the Via Chicago message boards, where the Rock Star Boyfriends thread clocks in at a mind-boggling 42 pages while the Rock Star Girlfriends thread is only a paltry 25 pages long, and I daresay there’s far more male VC-ers than female. I also think I can safely say that considering the proportion of men to women making music in indie circles (which, granted, seems far more balanced than in mainstream rock), (straight) female fans have a much deeper pool of celebrity crush prospects than (straight) guys. Though I can’t help noticing Scott Stereogum didn’t conduct an “indie hottie of 2005 (male)” poll …

And though she may only be #4 on Stereogum’s list (but #1 for Playboy), I have more new for Ms Neko Case – an electronic press kit in WMV format for Fox Confessor Brings The Flood with some nice behind-the-scenes footage and a musical sneak preview (via For The Records). And thanks to Erika for doing a little more sleuthing about that twang-tacular show going on at what looks like Lee’s Palace on February 3 and 4. The folks at Bloodshot have clarified that a bit, and are saying those will be shows for a forthcoming live Sadies album featuring Jon Langford, Ronnie Hawkins and Neko. More details are forthcoming, but that should be one to circle on the ol’ calendar.

If they only had a higher profile, Daylight’s For The Birds’ Claudia Deheza sure would have garnered a few votes, and if there’s any justice songs like “For Now”, freshly posted on their MySpace page, will get them the attention they deserve. The song is stunning.

And that’s enough ogling for one day.

So it’s Boxing Day, which for those not in the Commonwealth is like our day after Thanksgiving – a non-stop orgy of consumerism and excess. I’ll be doing my part in hastening the decline and fall of western civilization by indulging in the CD, LP and DVD purchases that I’ve been putting off for the last little while. Actually, there’s not that much I plan on getting, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

np – Shivaree / Who’s Got Trouble?

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  1. kathryn says:

    stereogum did ask for voters to put down male AND female names, he just hasn’t put up the results for male yet.

  2. Willy B says:

    Neko is so cute, but I wouldn’t be half as attracted to her without that incredible voice of hers. I like her no-nonsense attitude, too. It’s a package deal, you know?

  3. hanson says:

    ambrosia parsley would’ve gotten some of my love if i had a few more votes… me, i voted for annie…

  4. Evangeline says:

    I agree- Ambrosia is a babe!

  5. RSL says:

    Don’t discount the [apparently] high [and secretive] gay-boy indie-rock lovin’ contingent.