Wednesday, December 14th, 2005

Season Of Lists – Roundup

More lists – Filter has been asking a variety of artists to compile a list of their favourite albums of 2005. So far they’ve got lists from the likes of Feist, Death Cab’s Nick Harmer and Rilo Kiley’s Blake Sennett, with many more to come. Greg Kot of The Chicago Tribune has his list up and Glide has also compiled their top 20 of 2005. The Arizona Daily Wildcat has a couple of neat lists up – the top 10 moments in indie rock, a device I wanted to use a couple years ago but found it difficult and thus gave up, and their top albums of 2005. Okay, that second list isn’t all that clever.

Meanwhile, Things I’d Rather Be Doing and Gorilla Vs Bear have lists and the folks in Trespassers William have their individual top 5 albums of the year blogged at MySpace. I’m hoping their forthcoming album, Having, makes my list for next year. Videos are also being listed – Marathonpacks has his top 20 vids of ’05 (I’ve only ever seen one of these, and that was two nights ago) and Pitchfork also has a roundup. And Antville is currently polling readers to vote on their best and worst videos of the year.

And speaking of videos, Sigur Ros has a new one for “Hoppipolla”, courtesy of Cliptip.

Some shows – England’s Hard-Fi will be at the Horseshoe January 20, tickets $11.70 on sale Saturday and Danielson, of Family fame, has not one but two Toronto shows scheduled for the moderately distant future. His booking agency has him in town on May 6 and again on August 2. The first date coincides with the ’06 edition of the Over The Top Fest, so I’m guessing there’s a connection there. The second date… well, maybe he just assumes he’s going to have such a good time in Toronto that he’s going to want to come back?

To make up for my Mogwai tease a few days ago, some real content – the official Mr Beast-era bio, featuring commentary from Stuart Brathwaite, and Blown By The Wind has the album art and a track from the new album, which has leaked and is apparently very good. Someone said “pedal steel”. I love pedal steel.

Wired stages a music format steel cage match, pitting vinyl against iPods. The piece, part of their larger piece on audiophiles, notes that vinyl sales doubled in percentage in 2004, contrary to the general trend of declining sales in music retailing. Related – Sacramento Ticket (BugMeNot) compares the vinyl, CD and iPod experience with some blind testing… the results of which may shock you.

Okay, because of various stars coming into alignment and whatnot, the SxSW 06 fence sitting has tilted again, and I’m now leaning towards going – but here’s a question. Any other blogger types ever gotten a press pass for the event? And if so, how? I made some vague inquiries to that effect last year and was shot down, but may try to be more persistant this time. Who do I talk to, how do I make my case? I want to go as a greasy industry type (or part thereof). And failing that, can any media types out there hook me up with a photo pass? Thanks.

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  1. Eric Grubbs says:

    I didn’t try to get a press pass at SxSW last year. I was thankful for the shows I got into (namely, the Polyvinyl and Doghouse showcases), but I never thought I could get into places saying that I’m a blogger and a writer for Punk Planet. I assumed that there would be hundreds of other people with those same kinds of credentials wanting the same thing. However, it’s all in who you know that can get you into certain places.

  2. Eric Grubbs says:

    hyperlink fixed

  3. kathryn says:

    for SXSW the photo passes last year had nothing really to do with admission. it was basically a big plastic tag they put on your camera to let you take photos at events (separate from a full on press pass). last minute people wanting those had to show credentials of some sort, like a business card, at the press booth. if your rationale was only "i have a weblog" they weren’t accepting it.

    but, don’t you write for a certain -ist site? i imagine that if you cover the events for that site, getting a press pass (or even just a photo pass) would be fairly easy.

  4. chico and the bear says:

    I’ve received press passes in the past when I was a music writer at a newspaper. I had to provide all kinds of info, including a letter from my editor, plus hard copies of the paper, to prove I was legit.

  5. John says:

    Thanks for the link today, Frank, and a belated note that I loved your top 10 presentation yesterday. Original artwork? You are truly raising the bar.

  6. suckingalemon says:

    thanks for keeping us up with all the various lists.


  7. Jr says:

    god freakin thank you sir,
    only site covering good music and not mentioning "indie" and "hip" in every fucking sentence nor critisizing all the bands you talk about and pretending you’re sign oh so cooler

  8. Frank says:

    well thank you for that enthusiastic, if somewhat perplexing, compliment. I think.

    re: sxsw – looks like it may be an uphill battle… I will give it a shot, but am getting contingencies in place.

  9. chris says:

    shizz, mang, dat sigur ros aint dat nu

  10. Eugene says:

    The Chicago Tribune is prompting for a login. Is there a bugmenot for link?