Sunday, November 6th, 2005

Sunday Cleaning – Volume 13

A brief edition this week – only two records, and short ones at that.

Kelley Stoltz / The Sun Comes Through (SubPop)

This EP from Detroit-via-San Francisco-er Kelley Stoltz is meant mainly as a teaser for his next full-length due out early next year. Written and executed (almost) completely by Stoltz on his Tascam 8-track, The Sun Comes Through offers five quick, tasty bits of lo-fi pop symphonies that ten years ago might have had an Elephant 6 logo on the back rather than the SubPop brand. With its warm analog haze, it’s all pleasant enough listening, but there’s nothing in these 17 minutes and 40 seconds to really set Stoltz apart from the rest of the current pack of indie-folk-poppers. I probably would have been more impressed in hearing his Crockodials record, in which he re-records Echo & The Bunnymen’s Crocodiles on his own, in its entirety.

Kelley Stoltz – “The Sun Comes Through”

Kelley Stoltz @ MySpace

Luke Tan / Untitled (Lu-Ke-Tan Records)

There’s something charminingly and resolutely DIY about this mini-album from Luke Tan. Comprised mainly of voice and acoustic guitar (with some tasteful violin on a few track), on the whole it’s a decent mix of folk and country styles. Perhaps conscious of the sonic limitations of the dude with an acoustic genre, Tan tries to mix things up by introducing some effects pedals into the mix on a few songs. Unfortunately, he forgets to adjust the “subtlety” knob and the flanger, pitch-shifter, delay or whatever is overly distracting and the heavily processed tunes end up standing out from the rest of the record for the wrong reasons. Hey, I understand the temptation – whenever I get a new pedal I turn everything up to 10 to see how weird it can get. But I don’t leave it there.

MP3: Luke Tan – “Deliverance”

np – Broken Social Scene / Broken Social Scene

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  1. tyler magnuson says:

    hey, just commenting to give you a little forsight on the Okkervil River show. I saw them play in Omaha Thursday and their drummer broke his hand. So they couldn’t play my favorite, Black, but the show came off well with another favorite, For Real.

    (The Minus Story is freaking awesome too)

  2. matthew says:

    Totally unrelated to the post…

    Please have commentary on this evening’s West Wing debate! I really enjoyed watching, so I’m eager to hear what you thought of it…