Monday, November 28th, 2005

Salesman At The Day Of The Parade

So to recap: Rogue Wave’s first album? Not so impressed. Their second album? Very impressed. The first time I saw their live show? Apparently I thought it was alright, though all that’s really stuck with me in the year since is that they were really loud. So how about seeing them live the second time? I’ll get to that, but first – the openers.

Hailing from Montreal via Brooklyn, JF Robitaille opened things up with a very brief but enjoyable set of acoustic pop, accompained by Ainsley Mcwha on backing vocals. What struck me the most about his set, and it’ll probably sound a little odd, was that he had excellent diction. And that’s important. Good songs too, but I really liked how well he was able to articulate his words while singing. Umm, yeah. Robitaille is playing a full set at The Drake tonight, and is worth checking out.

For my thoughts on The Ghost Is Dancing, I refer you back to my review of their show a few months ago at the Distillery. Pretty much everything I said still holds, though I did enjoy that show more than this one. Nothing to do with the performance of the band themselves they’re still jubilant, fun and silly onstage but they were more fun running around the floor of the Gibsone Jessop Gallery amidst the audience than confined to the stage of the ‘Shoe. But despite this, they put on a good set and get bonus points for the balloon hats. They’re easily my top pick for local band I’d get to play a loft party or Bar Mitzvah.

Early on in their set, Zach Rogue confessed that he’d been in a really bad mood but was feeling much better now – thanks, no doubt, to a very healthy Sunday night crowd to see him and his band. Most of the set list drew from Descended Like Vultures and their performance was solid, if not overwhelming. Relative to last Summer’s show they definitely got their volume issues under control, though I was still thankful for my earplugs. They were also definitely tighter as a band, thanks no doubt to the constant touring and recording the new album together. It was unfortunate that towards the end of the set, “10:1” was marred by Gram Lebron’s breaking of his A-string on, like, the second chord of the song. That seemed to throw the band off, and what should have been the centrepiece of the set instead left them stumbling through not only that one, but “Temporary” as well. They managed to get it together, though, and finished strongly with “Endless Shovel”. The encore ensured things ended on an up note and included their cover of Buddy Holly’s “Everyday”, though I’d have preferred to hear their take on R.E.M.’s “Catapult”, which has also been appearing on set lists on this tour. Overall a perfectly satisfying show, just the right length for a weary boy on a Sunday night, but I think I prefer the album. Photo here. Rogue Wave will be back again on March 11 with Nada Surf at Lee’s Palace.

Nothing like an American long weekend to ensure dead quiet across blog-land. This is all I’ve got for today.

np – Metric / Live It Out

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  1. david says:

    I agree totally on Rogue Wave. The first album had me wondering what the buzz was about, but bwith this record they have redeemed themselves in my eyes.

  2. chris says:

    i’ll be seeing these guys tonight. sounds like a kickass show. hootyhoo