Saturday, October 1st, 2005

Precious Lilttle Life

October already?

Comic Book Resources has a 13-page sneak preview from the third volume of Scott Pilgrim, Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness, due out December 14 (or thereabouts). The fact that the first page of the preview is a double-page spread of the interior of (pre-renovation) Lee’s Palace makes me happy. According to creator Bryan Lee O’Malley’s blog, the cover they have up (and I have) is still a rough mockup. Scott Pilgrim also has a MySpace page… I haven’t heard anything more about the Edgar Wright-helmed Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life movie, but this newsitem makes it sound like it’s still an ongoing concern.

I’m not sure where my Scott Pilgrim trade paperbacks have gone. I hope I lent them to my brother.

Have you missed the Sufjan posts? Sure you have. I assume Stevens’ roadshow passed through DC just recently, because The Washington Post has a pretty straight bio/interview while The Washington Times takes the spiritual angle in drawing parallels between Stevens and C.S. Lewis.

Chart discovers Bob Mould no longer hates alternative rock.

Exclaim! profiles Metric.

The Guardian surveys the UK’s tastemakers about what the “next big things” will be. Odds are, I will hate every one of their picks. ‘Cause I’m contrary like that.

Junkmedia has clips from the forthcoming live Pixies DVD, Pixies Sell Out, out next week.

Zoilus lends his voice to the Bob Dylan commentary chorus, addressing points made in the Slate article I linked earlier this week.

Just two episodes into the new season and SF Gate is already writing (another) obituary for Arrested Development. I want to call them crazy, but sadly they’re probably more right than wrong. People are stupid. That’s all I have to say.

I’ve moved webhosting yet again, hopefully for the last time. I’ve gone with the highly-recommended Dreamhost, and things seem to be running pretty smoothly now. Let me know if you find anything amiss, though.

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  1. kathryn says:

    glad everything seems to be in shape on dreamhost — hope they treat you as great as they’ve treated me.