Thursday, September 29th, 2005

Men In The Mirror

The AV Club is helping build excitement for the release of Mirrormask this Friday with interviews with both Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. You can also read the outtakes from the interviews here (via Neil Gaiman) and Zap2It asks if Hollywood is ready for Neil Gaiman. Furthermore, IGN has an exclusive clip from the film. There’s not many reviews yet, but what is out there looks reasonably positive, if not overwhelming. It doesn’t look like Mirrormask is getting a Toronto release, at least not today. I don’t have huge hopes for this film, I fully expect it to have more style than substance, but I definitely do want to see it nonetheless.

Paste declares New Zealand’s Brunettes a band to watch. I agree. They’re currently recording their third album. They’ve also got a MySpace page and there’s some videos up on their website. Yay.

Cameron Crowe gives Paste a list of albums you have to own on vinyl as well as a few choices that don’t sound bad on CD. Why the original version of Blood On The Tracks? The remaster offend you in some way, Cam? Moviehole also has an interview with Crowe, whose Elizabethtown opens November 3.

All of the press surrounding No Direction Home was sure to incite a little backlash against Bob Dylan, or since that’s a scared cow that cannot be toppled, against his deification. The Telegraph’s Mark Hudson argues ain’t nothing but a pop star while Slate wonders why everyone seems to dismiss all of Dylan’s post-60s work. His answer? Blame the Boomers (via Pop (All Love).

City Pages talks to Bob Mould about outing himself back in the 90s (via Largehearted Boy) while Pioneer Press finds that Bob is quite happy these days, thank you very much. Mould plays the Mod Club this Sunday, and gets the lead plug in this week’s Torontoist week in shows.

Even though the release of Metric’s Live It Out appears to have been pushed back a week, you can still listen to the whole thing as they’re the featured band in MySpace’s Booth. And The National Post has indeed run a Metric feature – it’s just not on their website anywhere. Adam Radwanski has it on his, though.

Ex-Swervie Adam Franklin is in town for a couple shows in November – a solo acoustic show at a venue to be announced on the 10th and a full band set with Toshack Highway on the 12th at the Drake in support of SIANspheric. A new Toshack album is in the can and should see the light of day early in ’06.

Thanks to Zoilus for naming me one of his favourite blogs in the new blog-centric issue of Toronto Life. Apparently I am the “most compulsive music blogger in the game in this country”. Thank you!

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