Monday, September 5th, 2005

Line Up

No, I’m not dead. But I have been in a sort of Limbo.

This morning was the ol’ TIFF ticket pick-up party, which basically meant I was playing box-office relay, lining up for two hours at the processing centre to pick up the tickets for films I did get and vouchers for the ones I didn’t, then a dash across the street to the box office to swap the vouchers for whatever films weren’t sold out – which weren’t that many, from my POV. Seems everyone had the same tastes as me.

Anyway, cue another two-hour lineup at the box office, listening to people who take the Fest far far more seriously than I do agonizing over how they’re going to make up the 20-30 films they didn’t get in the first round. Some of the people in line talked about doing five films in one day. That’s insane. INSANE.

The one film I will be seeing is Neverwas, which has a pretty decent cast of Aaron Eckhart, Ian McKellan and Nick Nolte, among others. Nolte plays a crazy person – I think he can pull it off. It’s Joshua Michael Stern’s directorial debut so I don’t know what to expect in that department, but the man did write Amityville: Dollhouse so I expect great things. Seeing as how this is the premiere, director-boy will probably be there. Maybe Gandalf will show up too!

The other sets of tickets will be distributed amongst friends and acquaintences who will surely regret asking me to get them tickets and pick the films for them. Even though I didn’t do so well in the initial lottery, I think I came out with some solid films that I’d enjoy if I was actually going to them. The concensus amongst my fellow line-standers was that the Festival lineup this year was weaker than past years, but to be honest, that’s a pretty relative statement. Now the logistics of it all, that’s something that could use some tweaking.

Anyway, that’s all for today. It’s a holiday, after all!

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By : Frank Yang at 1:18 pm
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  1. radioDan says:

    We were pretty late in the draw too (box #12) but I guess our picks were obscure enough that we lucked out and got ’em all, no do-overs necessary. Sorry you had to wait in that line; we walked down Cumberland around 10:00, took one look and went to Eggstasy instead.

    As far as this year being weaker, I still found almost 60 films that I’d like to see. Too bad I only have time for 5 this year…

    Enjoy Neverwas.

  2. Sean says:

    Oh man, a post at a quarter past 1 in the afternoon (on a holiday) warrants an "No, I’m not dead" warning? Don’t put yourself under too much pressure, iron man!