Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

Gimme Some Salt

Psst, want a tip on who the next big indie band is going to be? They’re from Brooklyn and they’re called Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and — what? Really? Oh. Well then.

So yeah, tonight is Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s big Toronto debut and this show has been sold out for ages and ages. I had a pair of tickets but opted to pass them on to some friends as I really don’t think I’m in the mood to be out super-late at the Shoe tonight. I’ve had a long week, the GF is sick, and I’m just generally wiped. I do admit that the CYHSY album has been growing on me (though I would still pick sliced bread over it) and under other circumstances, would probably quite enjoy the show… Just not tonight. As expected, the local media has been running pieces on this show as the must-see for the week. I did so for Torontoist on Thursday, and there’s also pieces from NOW, eye and Chart. Anyone who’s going tonight – hope it’s a good show and lives up to the hype.

But on the plus side – it looks like I’ll still be able to go to the Sufjan Stevens show next week – I had been afraid that my flight to Europe had been moved up by enough hours that I’d have to leave town Saturday rather than Sunday, but that’s not the case. So that’s something.

Sad to see Pitchfork confirm what I’d suspected but not seen official word on – On! Air! Library! is no more. I guess I only discovered them after they were technically defunct, but their only album remains in moderate rotation for me. Usually when I want to listen to something equal parts compelling and unsettling. Daylight For The Birds, which features two-thirds of O!A!L! and half of the twin sisters who fronted that band looks interesting, though.

Your daily salvo of Largehearted links: The Courier-Journal profiles Portastatic, JamBase interviews Son Volt and The Orlando Sentinel talks to Pernice Brothers.

The Cardigans’ new one Super Extra Gravity looks like it will be getting a North American release at the same time as the rest of the world, for a change. It’s due out October 25 on Koch, just a week after the European release – a nice change from Long Gone Before Daylight, which didn’t come out Stateside for at least half a year after the rest of the world.

Umbrella Music talks to Ottawa’s finest post-rock outfit, As The Poets Affirm, who will be playing the Ear To The Ground Fest on Saturday September 16. If you’re there and looking to pick something from the smorgasborg of performances, I recommend ATPA. And the Shiraz.

Anyone following the crisis in New Orleans has surely read quotes from mayor Ray Nagin in a radio interview yesterday where he expressed his anger and frustration about the slowness in the state and federal governments in getting aid to the people on the ground. You can listen to the interview here (.asf). To actually hear the desperation in his voice as he pleads for assistance is intense. And not to imply that one celebrity life is more important than anyone elses, but Big Star’s Alex Chilton is currently among the missing. He rode out the initial hurricane in his New Orleans home but hasn’t been heard from since Monday. They’re trying to keep tabs over at the Posies forum, but there’s been no word yet. Good thoughts go out to everyone affected by the disaster in New Orleans.

np – Laura Cantrell / Humming By The Flowered Vine

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  1. the infamous jennifer says:



  2. Matt says:

    Frank—they’re not all from Brooklyn. Alec Ounsworth is a Philly boy. Born raised and living now. He commutes to Brooklyn for practice. Yikes.

    The show I saw of theirs in Philly a couple of weeks ago was great. Get those tickets back!

  3. thomaus says:

    Sorry we won’t see you there tonight. I’m very interested in seeing the FemBots, too. I guess you aven’t seen them? The sample from the new album http://…/ is pretty sticky.

  4. Big Star says:

    Let’s go rescue Alex Chilton.

    It’s the least we can do …

  5. Patanoia says:

    Thanks for the news about the Cardigans. Too bad that they’re deliberately stepping back from the greatness of "Long Gone Before Daylight".

  6. Thierry says:

    Speaking of the Cardigans, I really hope we’ll get a second A Camp record someday…I still listen to the orginal one on an almost weekly basis.

  7. Greg says:

    CYHSY failed to transfer their energy into their live set last night. They weren’t inanimate, and they seemed like really nice guys, but they simply did not engage the audience — beyond those of us who obviously knew their material well. The crowds here are notoriously unresponsive, but it wasn’t just that.

  8. mike slovenkay likes alcohol says:

    thier a sweet band, that guy was playin pretty sweet when i saw him live, all fast an shit, fuck hurricans tho, some one should go kick its ass