Thursday, September 8th, 2005

Float(ing) On

Mark Kozelek continues to surprise and confound. Billboard reports that the next Sun Kil Moon record will be all covers. That in and of itself is no surprise, Kozelek has long been known for being a proponent of covers as the Red House Painters discography will attest. This time, however, he’s recorded an album of songs all by one artist – Modest Mouse. Tiny Cities, out November 1, will feature eleven Isaac Brock compositions though no doubt completely deconstructed and redone in Kozelek’s own style. Kozelek is currently on tour with Low’s Alan Sparhawk (apparently feeling much better since his mental difficulties earlier this Summer) as the Retribution Gospel Choir. Pitchfork also has a news item with pretty much the same information.

NOW, eye and JAM! all talk to Laura Veirs about wanting to rock out on Year Of Meteors. Veirs will amp it up Saturday night at Trinity-St Paul’s opening for Sufjan Stevens.

Stevens is also getting some press (shock!) with a feature story in eye and an interview in Cleveland Scene (Via Largehearted Boy).

Check of the video for The New Pornographers’ “Use It” – Neko doesn’t appear but David Cross does. Twin Cinema (which has its own cute IMDB-style website here) debuted on Billboard’s Top 200 chart at #44 (PDF). I don’t follow charts, but checking out the mainstream artists that fill out the rest of the chart, I have to think that’s a pretty damned impressive showing. Bravo. The band will be on Conan O’Brien on September 16 and play The Phoenix in Toronto on October 9.

Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley tell MTV about their respective side projects due out in January of next year – Lewis’ Rabbit Fur Coat and Sennett’s second album with The Elected. They’re also sure to say only nice things about current tourmates and meal tickets Coldplay. The St Petersberg Times also has an interview with the pair. Stereogum has a live mp3 of the title track of Jenny’s album. Links via LHB.

I had no idea Depeche Mode was an Air Canada Centre-scale band, but there they are, December 1. Go Figure.

This is my last Torontoist week in shows for a couple weeks. Just doesn’t seem right to try and document what’s coming up at the Horseshoe from Helsinki.

EOnline has more stunt-casting news from the set of Arrested Development – with Henry Winkler/Barry Zuckerkorn leaving the show, he will be replaced by his cousin – Chachi. Yes, in an obvious attempt to get the entire Happy Days cast on the show, Scott Baio will be the new Bluth family attorney. Hopefully, however, they won’t tempt fate and will resist the temptation to bring Ted “Kiss Of Death” McGinley onboard.

np – Low / The Great Destroyer

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  1. sp says:

    Depeche Mode were a pretty big band in the early 90s. I won tickets to see them at Skydome in 1993 and was shocked myself to find out that it was almost sold out.

    Have fun in Finland! Visit Spinefarm Records store if it’s still open. They are a metal label, but they had a good indie selection – at least in 1996 they did.

  2. will arnett says:

    back when they played vids, mtv played depeche mode pretty hard.

  3. Paul says:

    Depeche Mode played SkyDome in ’98 or ’99 as well. Even last time they were here, I believe they played the Amphitheatre. They are still huge.

  4. JC says:

    any word on when tickets are going on sale?

  5. bob craw says:

    in ’97, DM sold out the Rose Bowl: 100,000 seats.

  6. bob craw says:

    oops, I meant ’87

  7. Frank says:

    wow, I guess I underestimate DM’s appeal, seeing as how they’ve never really had any for me.

    BTW – there’ve been some server hiccups lately that I’ve been getting sorted out. Hopefully it’s all taken care of but if you see anything weird, please let me know.