Wednesday, August 10th, 2005

Lit Up

Sixeyes continues on his tear of fine postings with an interview with my current musical fixations, The National. Singer Matt Berninger talks to Alan about the band’s creative process and admits The National is a pretty bad band name.

I’ve griped at length about how I’m missing their September 18 show at the Horseshoe but just to rub salt in the wound, I just realized that I could have seen tham at SxSW back in March – I was maybe two blocks away from where they were playing and didn’t have anything else going on at that time… Curses. Anyone and everyone who’s in town that weekend – go see them. Yeah, you’ll have to hoof it from Exhibition Place to the Horseshoe (’cause you WILL be at Ear To The Ground, right? C’mon – Sleater-Kinney!) and maybe there’s a little less hipster draw now that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah aren’t on the bill, but I am betting the show will own, regardless.

Additional National content I’ve come across since my last National post – the video for “Abel”, off of Alligator, and a a couple of MP3s, again courtesy of Sixeyes – there’s more at the end of the interview:

MP3: The National – “All The Wine”

MP3: The National – “Murder Me Rachael”

Video: The National – “Abel” (Quicktime)

More good shows coming our way in October and November – I saw 18 shows in those two months last year. I don’t think I could go for a repeat, it’s not humanly possible. Anyway – Rob Dickinson, ex of Catherine Wheel, will be at the Horseshoe October 7 in support of his solo debut Fresh Wine For The Horses, out September 13 – Torr has a couple tracks available to download. CW were always abnormally popular in Toronto – and have been known to hang out in Hernando’s Hideaway, just up the street from my building, enjoying a big-as-your-head burrito or Mexican flag enchiladas. True. Tickets are $15.50, expect this one to be sold out lickety split.

Austin-via-Brooklyn’s Calla are at the ‘Shoe on November 2 ($10) to pimp Collisions, which is out September 27. I’ve always thought I should like Calla more than I seem to, on paper their hazy atmospheric rock would seem to be right up my alley. I had a copy of their last one, Televise, and it just never got played. The one track I’ve heard off Collisions sounded good – maybe I’ll have to give them another shot.

The American Analog Set will be at the Horseshoe on November 13. Their latest, Set Free, comes out September 20 on local uber-label Arts & Crafts. AmAnSet’s last Toronto show back in 2003 was one of the best I saw that year, for reasons I can’t fully articulate. It just FELT amazing. Attendance at this one is highly recommended, tickets are $12.

The UK’s Athlete are at the Opera House on September 19. They have the honour of possessing one of the lowest Metacritic scores for 2005. Impressive.

Finally, some tickets footnotes – ducats for The Posies’ October 3 show at Lee’s go on sale today for $15 and the October 10 Fiery Furnaces will go on sale Saturday for $16.50.

PopMatters. Sufjan.

Fountains Of Wayne give Paste five tips on how to choose a successful song to cover.

And speaking of covers, this shoegaze tribute album (see np) is pretty good. Andrew Kenney’s Spiritualized track is lovely.

np – various artists / Never Lose That Feeling Volume 1

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  1. Torr says:

    Anyone find any other Rob Dickinson tour dates yet? I’m wondering if perhaps he’ll come to TX; probably not, but worth a shot.

    And I put no stock in metacritic (which I guess means all critics) cause that Athlete album is in my top 10 of the year. And I didn’t even like them before it.

  2. Ryan97ou says:

    yeah, i am loving The National, and am happy to say that My amazing friend Marc (lives in NYC) got me (live in baltimore) a ticket to go see them with CYHSY (also liking their cd, although not as much as The Nat) at the bowery on sept 9th…can’t wait…promise no more ‘…’ or ‘)’

  3. shane says:

    i’ll ask rob, or his manager, about future tour dates at the m-theory show this saturday. i’m also going to do my best to either tape or film the whole thing, then send a copy to both frank and torr as thanks for….everything.

  4. Satisfied 75 says:

    VERY excited for the Rob Dickinson album/shows. Hoping to get an L.A. date.

  5. Graig says:

    Picked up my National ticket last week… $11! You’d be crazy not to go, I say (unless you’re not here, that is).

  6. Frank says:

    Estonia, Graig. Estonia. Otherwise I would be there in a heartbeat.

  7. alan w says:

    Hey Frank, thanks for linking and the kind words. i will be at the CYHSY show – bought tix thinking The National was also on the bill! now i gotta get National tix as well.

    as for postings – i have a few irons in the fire as far as interviews go. the wrens and possibly the fiery furnaces. keeping my fingers crossed!

    thanks again, Frank.

  8. Guillaume says:


    If you read French, we did many interviews of the National over the years, here they are:



    There’s even one in English:


    I’m happy to see them again (for the eigth time or something :-) ) on friday night. I think you’ll have the occasion to see them soon on stage as they tour constantly. It’s a incredible live band by the way.