Saturday, August 6th, 2005


A free evening and some guest list action translated into a good old fashioned rock and roll double-header for me last night – but in the interests of milking what content I do have, I’m spreading the reviews out over a couple of days. This blog thing is all about advance planning, man.

First up was local atmospheric pop combo The Airfields, who I sang the praises of a couple months ago. Despite having a few chances since then, I hadn’t managed to see them live though I did get their lovely City-State EP some time ago (the entirety of which is available to download off their website). They were playing an early set at the Cameron House last night, so scheduling allowed me to pop in and see what they were about outside the studio setting.

Live, they’re a good deal louder (though you couldn’t really get quieter) and punchier. Whereas the EP played like a long-lost Sarah Records release, onstage the Airfields widen the lens a bit to encompass all things C86-ish. New elements like frantic Wedding Present strumming and Jesus And Mary Chain bursts of noise did well to broaden the sonic palette.

Despite the extra challenge of being the debut show for their new keyboardist/glockenspielist/melodicaist/vocalist, the Airfields still impressed and I’m excited to see some good old school indie pop coming from the Big Smoke. I know there’s an audience out there for their sound, if they can find them and connect with them, I think good things could come. Photos here.

The second half of the double header was The Magnolia Electric Co at Lee’s Palace – look for that writeup come Monday.

LiveDaily interviews drummer Murph about Dinosaur Jr’s return from extinction. Enjoy it while it lasts. Via Prefixblog.

Eisley tells Chart they like it when you stare at them.

PopMatters talks to Eric Johnson of Fruit Bats about marine life. Their Spelled In Bones came out last week and reviews are pretty good.

Chuck Klosterman riffs on the abundance of animal-named bands, the fashionability of wolves in particular. Zoilus is not impressed with the absence of any substance in Klosterman’s piece and challenges him to a fight at the jungle gym after school. I have just started reading Killing Yourself To Live – no, Chuck isn’t the most profound writer around but he makes me laugh. Like Ziggy.

np – Slowdive / I Am The Elephant, U Are The Mouse Original Soundtrack

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  1. Torr says:

    What’s "the big smoke"?

  2. Patrick says:

    You’re killing me dawg, making me wait to read about MEC…

  3. david says:

    I really wanted to like the Fruit Bats new record, but it’s just not doing it for me.

  4. Frank says:

    The Big Smoke = nickname for Toronto. I don’t really know where it came from since Toronto’s not especially smoky. Big smog, more like.

    I’m not rushing out to buy the Fruit Bats record. I like Mouthfuls well enough but it doesn’t get a whole lot of rotation from me. I’d probably pick it up used if I was in the right mood, though.