Friday, July 1st, 2005

Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – BRMC to their friends – have put together their Fall tour in support of their third album Howl, which is out August 23. It includes a date at the Phoenix in Toronto on September 24. Ex-Ride leader Mark Gardener supports on all tour dates. Toronto has always been very very fond of BRMC so expect this one to sell out lickity-split. Info from More Cowbell.

BRMC are one of those acts you’d think I’d be more into than I am, which isn’t much at all (but I don’t like The Jesus And Mary Chain as much as logic would dictate either…). I had their first album but found it kind of slow and samey, and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep at their first Toronto show back in 2002. I never even heard their second album, Take Them On, On Your Own, though I heard it mixed things up a little more and was a better record all around. What’s the word on Howl? Should I give them another chance to impress?

The musical acts participating in this year’s inaugural Ear To The Ground have been announced, and while I’m still sorry I’m missing the whole thing, I feel a little better about it since I’ve seen or will no doubt have the opportunity to see the bands who are performing. $40 will get you admission for all three days of the festival, taking place at Exhibition Place, and into performances by Death From Above 1979, Kid Koala, The Hidden Cameras, Tricky Woo and others, not to mention all the film, art, theatre, etc.

Prefix talks to The Futureheads.

Carl Newman tells Chart he’d like The New Pornographers lineup to be a little more modular. He’s already started, getting his neice Kathryn Calder (from Fall tour openers Immaculate Machine) to spot for Neko Case at some recent shows in New York. Both Neko and Kathryn will be onboard for the Fall tour which includes an October 9 date at what is viciously rumoured to be The Docks.

Good news and bad news courtesy of Bradley’s Almanac. The good news is that Matt Pond PA has finished their follow-up to Emblems and are eyeing a Fall relese. The bad news – cellist Eve Miller has left the band. The band is looking for a cellist/keyboardist to replace her. Must be willing to sign up for scads of touring.

The Stars video for “Reunion”, which was up and then not, is back up. Thanks to Pop (All Love) for the pointer.

Happy Canada Day!

np – Magnolia Electric Co / What Comes After The Blues

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  1. She-Bop says:

    Yeah, the second BRMC album absolutely blows. I really dug the first one, but, man, talk about a let down. Here’s hoping the third one doesn’t make me cry bitter, bitter tears.

  2. Paul says:

    Howl may as well have been recorded by a different band altogether. It’s all acousticky with lots of harmonica and white boy blues. It’s done well, mind you, but plenty of people are in for a surprise.

  3. eugene says:

    Have you taken your Canda Day quiz?


  4. Frank says:

    15 out of 20. I’m stunned, I was sure that my results would be grounds for deportation.

  5. Nav says:

    The Docks. That’s just cruel.

  6. Ear To The Ground says:

    We’re not done announcing. There’s more to come. The headliners may be familiar, but there will be lots you haven’t seen before…

  7. Frank says:

    …well I can’t be there either way, so don’t be announcing anything too excellent!