Sunday, July 17th, 2005

Let It Come Down

Stirrings in the land of Spiritualized! Their website has been updated with Quicktime video footage of the band recording the follow-up to 2003’s disappointing Amazing Grace. Hopes that the next album will be a return to form are encouraged by the big organ sounds that start off the clip, but discouraged by the Les Paul-powered blues riffing heard throughout… Good intensity on those handclaps, though. Click on the Medication link to see for yourself.

The Hidden Cameras give Chart a look at what’s happening in their world over the next while, including their upcoming European tour, their new album Awoo which is due out next February or March and their new Learning To Lie 7″ EP which acts as a teaser for the new record.

So I spent the weekend in Niagara Falls for the second part of my brother’s stag. It was actually all quite PG, mainly just going to Buffalo for wings at The Anchor Bar and then back to the Canadian side for some quality time at the casino. I’d completely forgotten how to play blackjack since I was in Vegas last February so I just amused myself at the slots, not that losing $20 in just under five minutes can really be considered amusing. I was really too tired from being out late and drunk the past few nights so I mostly just hung out. Interesting observations about Niagara Falls, where I hadn’t been in some years. Apparently if you’re in a top-40 cover band and need a place to play, that’s the town for you. Every bar seemed to have its own combo playing proficient versions of the soundtrack to my college years. And the main drag is now almost as loud and tacky as the Strip in Vegas, though with more wax museums and without the swarms of people cramming flyers for strip clubs and hookers into your pockets.

I am beat. Such a long, exhausting weekend. Dinosaur Jr tonight? Not going to happen. Noooo way.

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