Thursday, June 9th, 2005

Like Cats And Dogs

Though The Watchmen movie appears to be on life support, comics fans who like seeing things brought to the screen can get excited/chagrined about this bit of news – Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s We3, a tale of cybernetic housepets-turned-killing-machines trying to find their way home, is being optioned by New Line Cinemas. The trade paperback of this, which sports some gorgeous cover art, came out last week – 9th Art has a review of the collection. Morrison can be pretty hit or miss, but this series is far and away some of his best work ever. A film adaptation for this could work, providing the producers realize that it the violence – and boy, is it violent – isn’t the point of it all. The glib one-line description of Incredible Journey meets The Terminator, while accurate, doesn’t nearly do the story justice. It’s actually a very sad (albeit bloody) tale. I hope they get that.

I’m very disappointed there isn’t a poster of bats swarming the CN Tower. Comic Book Resources interviews much of the cast of Batman Begins, opening next Wednesday. Early reviews are very good! Excited!

Brett Ratner talks to Brett Ratner about the pressures he faces as the director of the third X-Men film.

Sufjan Stevens brings a little taste of Illinois to Toronto on September 10 for a show at Trinity-St Paul’s church (the album is out July 5). Another show I will have to miss this on account of being out of the country, and I don’t doubt this one would be lovely – Sufjan and band in a church? Glorious. Laura Viers supports. Tickets go on sale next week.

One Louder has constructed what he called “A Gigocracy”, sort of like the nine circles of Hell as applied to concertgoers. It’s written specifically about the New York scene, but looks pretty universal to me.

eye previews Ivy’s Sunday night show at Lee’s Palace.

Sleater-Kinney tells The Guardian about making The Woods.

Tickets for the Teenage Fanclub show at the Mod Club July 25 are on sale today and will run you $20 (according to the ad in NOW or $22.50 (according to TicketBastard). I will get mine at either the Horseshoe, Rotate This or Soundscapes tomorrow and tell you what the actual price is.

I was asked to contribute some thoughts to’s piece on the Live 8 concerts, which I tossed off without a whole lot of thought. if I knew they were going to be printed as a direct quote, maybe I would have taken a little more time… Nah.

I’ve got another upcoming-week-in-live-music post up over at Torontoist, including a little preview of NxNE. I don’t know how many of these shows I will actually make it to… probably Catlow at the Cameron House tonight (check out her Myspace page), but besides that? I do not know. Perhaps nothing.

np – Sea Ray / Stars At Noon

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  1. vin diesel says:

    Did you know your RSS feed is only publishing one or two line excerpts now, instead of full-length entries? Can you please change this back?

  2. Frank says:

    yes, I know and addressed this yesterday. It should be fixed over the weekend.

    Update – Okay, I think I fixed it. Can someone verify?

  3. Jake says:

    The RSS is fixed now.

    And dude, as for NXNE, you should totally check out Quasar Wut-Wut at Bagel Cafe on Friday night. I’m telling you!

  4. timothy says:


  5. suckingalemon says:

    alot of good bands are playing but they also play here alot of the time and with better lineups.

    do you know specifically when sufjan tickets go on sale?



  6. Frank says:

    Not specifically though next Thursday would be the logical assumption.

  7. mike says:

    Ha Ha TicketBastard. That’s original. Heard that one like 10 years ago. Rock Snobs….

  8. Frank says:

    if refusing to pay a 40% ticket surcharge makes me a rock snob, then I’m happy to be a rock snob.

  9. timothy says:


    (i’ve never seen anyone defend TicketBastard before! he must work for them.)