Monday, May 16th, 2005

I Want A Warning

Losing Today, whom I can never tell if they’re actually still publishing a magazine or not, has an interview with Idlewild’s (relatively) new addition, bassist Gavin Fox. Covering the other members of the band, Left Lion has a chat with the other new kid in the band, second guitarist Allan Stewart, BBC spends some time with first guitarist Rod Jones and SoundsXP draw’s singer Roddy Woomble’s interview straw. Last but not least, Heathen Angel has an interview with drummer Colin Newton. Bet you thought no one wanted to talk to the drummer, eh?

Their new album Warnings/Promises, which has been getting middling reviews, will be released in North America on August 16, touring presumably to follow. You can preview some of the album here and check out some of the videos from the new record:

Video (WMV): Idlewild – “I Understand It”

Video (WMV): Idlewild – “Love Steals Us From Loneliness”

Billboard re-acquaints North America with Manic Street Preachers by talking to James Dean Bradfield about the parallels between their two latest releases – new album Lifeblood and the re-release of The Holy Bible.

Under The Radar talks to Petra Haden about her a capella cover album of The Who Sell Out and about joining The Decemberists. I have been mesmerized by her cover of Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” which she has been performing at Decemberists shows – I do hope it’s a regular part of the set and I’ll get to hear it Saturday.

The Organ will be at Lee’s Palace June 9 as part of NXNE (via For The Records) and The Bravery are at the Opera House on July 12, tickets $16.50.

This is the start of crazy concert week for me. Doves and Mercury Rev tonight, British Sea Power tomorrow, Rilo Kiley/Nada Surf/The Brunettes on Thursday and then Decemberists on Saturday. Then, thankfully, things are a lot lighter through June.

Wetlabel talks to Jeph Jacques, creator of indie-informed webcomic Questionable Content.

np – Spoon / Gimme Fiction

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  1. solace says:

    Warnings/Promises is still pretty great imo. it shows a good bit of progression, while still being a bit toned down ala 100 Broken Windows, compared to Remote Part.

  2. mike says:

    Have fun at The Doves/Mercury Rev show. I’ll probably go to the Monade show at Lee’s tonight. I’ll be at the BSP show tomorrow, btw. (oh and Rilo and Decemberists later in the week).

    I wondered if you have had a chance to listen to the new Mercury Rev album. It’s being released tomorrow domestically and I’m thinking of picking it up.

  3. Frank says:

    honestly, what I’ve heard of the new MRev is alright, but I’m not really over the moon about it. We’ll see how the new material is tonight. I’m probably still going to pick up the new record and sooner rather than later, if for no other reason than to get the bonus disc.

  4. shmedd says:

    Frank, Petra provides some vocals to songs inspired (if not written by ex-Portland, now Seattle-based children’s book author Dav Pilkey. Check it out


  5. Moxie says:

    Frank . . . I’m going to Break you Gently for not taking me to see the Doves tonight.

    Just saying.

    Now, get to work.

  6. Wai says:

    I saw an ad about the Organ show in NOW this past week but couldn’t dig up any other mention of it on the net; not the NXNE site, not The Organ’s. I e-mailed their manager and this was the reply:

    "No sorry, this is not true. they completely jumped the gun.


    Linda Noelle Bush

    New Romantic

    36A Lansdowne Ave.

    Toronto, ON

    M6K 2V8 Canada

    ph: +416.538.1843

    fx: +416.530.7457

    c: +416.834.1843"