Monday, May 2nd, 2005

I Heard Myself In You

It was last March I made a random query about whatever became of January, the UK band that released the excellent I Heard Myself In You in 2001 on Poptones, then seemed to disappear.

As it turned out, they recorded a follow-up in 2002, but the band imploded and the sophomore release, Motion Sickness, remained shelved until last year. Which is a damn shame because it’s as good as the first record, continuing to blend space rock-approved sonics with a healthy dollop of country twang. Both albums are even structured similarly, each featuring a massive-sounding centrepiece (“Falling In” on the debut, “Sandwood” on the second album) that more than quench my thirst for all things epic, surrounded by quieter, textured pieces of shoegazey-folk.

With the dissolution of the band and dearth of any information, I assumed that Motion Sickness would be the final word from January, but in this interview with ARRTRA from a couple months ago, singer-songwriter Simon McClean says that he’s assembled a new band and there will be a third album. Whether he can achieve the same heights with a new group of players remains to be seen, but it’s better than it being the end.

There are a couple of sample mp3s available on the January website, though neither fully captures the band at their best. They didn’t get loud very often on either record, but when they did it was amazing. If you like what you hear, the albums are pretty tough to find but worth the effort.

MP3: January – “Someone”

MP3: January – “Eyes All Mine”

The Boston Globe finally gets around to listening to Aimee Mann, just in time for the release of her new album, The Forgotten Arm, out tomorrow. Via Largehearted Boy.

Under The Radar has made their interview with Torq from Stars about being a Montreal band available exclusively online. The new issue with Super Furry Animals should be out soon, if not already.

I don’t understand. How can the resurrected Family Guy be so good (Gepetto? OH MY GOD) while American Dad be so lame? Yes, I’ve asked this before, but after watching it again last night, I have to ask again.

The Pop Tart is now The Rock Snob. Update your bookmarks.

np – Bob Dylan / Blonde On Blonde

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  1. sam says:

    yeah, American Dad was kinda lame. my first time watching it. it felt like it would be more at home as a weekly newpaper comic strip.

    Family Guy was glorious, though. brilliant. (i never really followed the first run, only caught the reruns earlier this year.) now i finally have my funniest half-hour back.

    and i was hoping they’d mention the cancellation :P

  2. Ryan Waddell says:

    Oh man, the beginning of the new Family Guy was BRILLIANT.

    "I mean, maybe if ALL THOSE SHOWS get cancelled, we’ll have a shot" :)

    I think American Dad is trying too hard to be "Not Family Guy". And I don’t think Seth MacFarlane is working as much on it as he is on Family Guy – the last article I read basically said that Family Guy is definitely his baby, while American Dad is sort of trying to be more of a "curent issues" kind of show. It was just awful though. Awful.


  3. ovenking says:

    motion sickness is one of those rare albums that gets better with every listening, and my completely unbiased endorsement for 2004’s best album. glad to hear that the promise of a third album looms on the horizon, mr sleuth guy.

  4. Ieinz says:

    I don’t like Futurama and American Dad just seems like Seth MacFarlane’s Furturama.

  5. Miss Valerie says:

    Thanks yo

  6. C-Note says:

    Thanks for giving january some due attention. Truly wonderful albums. I have them and the engineers as the best new (new to most anyway) bands in the beloved genre.