Thursday, May 26th, 2005

Deep Karma Canyon

So Bob Mould’s new album Body Of Song has leaked a couple months before its July 26 release date and he’s not happy about it. Over the past week he’s fielded letters of support and puts a pox on the downloader’s houses.

The Metafilter peanut gallery chimes in with the predictable rhetoric and Mystery & Misery, who first directed me to the hubbub, also states his position. For my part, I said my peace a few months ago when it was Sleater-Kinney voicing their displeasure at the leaking of their new record and my feelings on the matter haven’t changed. In fact, nothing’s changed. People will still leak records, other people will still download them and rationalize it however they want. And God willing, the artists will still get paid, somehow, and get by.

But in a strange way, it is good to see that there is still interest in Bob’s work – I wasn’t sure how much of his fanbase he’d have alienated with his electronic experiments as Loudbomb (still the best anagram name ever) and the last Modulate record, which even a completist as myself decided to give a pass. Body Of Song is heralded as a return to the classic Mould guitar template of raging electrics alongside shimmering acoustics – some are even going so far as to say it’s the second coming of Sugar. I don’t know about that – from what I’ve heard from the album (all perfectly legally, thanks – see below), it does rock again but it doesn’t have the sheer sonic density that Copper Blue had nor the screaming rage of Beaster. That’s okay though, I don’t really wish anyone into the mental headspace that would be required to create another record like Beaster – that’s still one of the angriest records I’ve ever heard. Instead, Body Of Song sounds like the more upbeat moments of his two post-Sugar self-titled albums. Either way, it’s good to have Bob back and amplified again. I had feared that he’d make good on his promise to give up the rock after The Last Dog And Pony Show.

Since I know no reader of mine would be so gauche as to still go hunt down the leaked album after Bob has expressed his displeasure with such deeds, I will direct you to some above-board previews of Body Of Song. YepRoc has one of the more uptempo tracks, “Paralyzed”, available to stream off their site and Fluxblog has got a Bob-sanctioned MP3 of “(Shine Your) Light Love Hope” up for grabs.

Also exciting is the fact that Mould is planning a full North American tour to promote the record for the Fall wherein he’ll play songs from all eras of his career – that’s right, ALL. We’re talking Bob Mould, Sugar and Husker Du. Awesomeness indeed. It’s been eleven years since I’ve seen Bob Mould live – far too long.

Drowned In Sound is next up on the Sleater-Kinney press merry-go-round.

Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake tells Rolling Stone where the name of their new album, Man-Made, came from, and how Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy helped with the making of the record, out June 7.

Jenny Lewis tells (Bugmenot) the story of Rilo Kiley (via LHB).

And as for this blurb in eye… Slow news week, fellas? I prefer to think of it as me taking money AWAY from donations to Bush. I wonder what a cursory investigation as to the political leanings of eye‘s advertisers would reveal, hmm? But they also say I’m “beloved”, so all is forgiven.

np – Jay Farrar / Stone, Steel & Bright Lights

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  1. Torr says:

    There’s about a million companies that gave more to the republicans (and less to democrats)


  2. satellite says:

    It’s lame to go after a few blogs for having a connection to a company that gives $$$ to Bush. What person doesn’t have a connection to such a company? Shop at Best Buy? Target? Eat at McDonald’s or Wendy’s?

    I guess I should be pleased that my company is slightly blue according to that website, but most liberals give money to most of those red corporations.

    Anyone find it hilarious that Urban Outfitters is a dark red company? Maybe all the hipsters should care more about who they are paying for their ironic t-shirts.

  3. david says:

    We should start a betting pool on which indie artist will make a big stink about their album leak.

  4. david says:

    Frank, I don’t blame you for Dubya, but Canada giving birth to Celine Dion is unforgiveable.

  5. Frank says:

    that red/blue company thing is fascinating. For the sake of being petty, Ford – who have a lovely full-page ad on page 9 of this week’s eye – are 28% red. Not too far off from SBC’s 35%, thanks. And yeah, Ford Canada, Ford USA, whatever.

    David – Celine Dion came from Quebec, and they’re sort of doing their own thing over there. I don’t think we can all be held responsible for her. And anyway, she’s Vegas’ problem now.

  6. radiodan says:

    I saw Bob at the Phoenix back in 98. Varnaline opened. Dollar for dollar, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. When he played "Hanging Tree" I got sympathy hoarseness.

  7. richard says:

    Frank i know you like wilco, so you might like to hear Jeff Tweedy and his son covering Jandek, its at my blog if you wanna hear it. http://…/