Friday, April 29th, 2005

Basement Living

So I am moving today. It’s a vertical move if not necessarily a forward move – I’m back at the apartment I was in for the first four years that I lived in Toronto, though this time I get the big bedroom. Just me for now but I’ll no doubt have to wrangle up a roommate to help cover costs. It is big, however, and above ground – two things my old pad couldn’t necessarily say. I’ve lived in a basement apartment for 20 months now – it seems like it’s been much longer and not long at all, all at the same time.

It’s been nice living on my own, I’ll be sorry to see that situation end before long, but I could probably stand to be a little more regularly socialized lest I go all Shining. There’s things I’ll miss about this place – being right at the hub of three transit lines, being walking distance to Lee’s Palace and the Annex, all the used CD shops… not to mention the quiet of living on a residential street. The new place is right smack downtown, spitting distance from Yonge, and is considerably louder and busier. I won’t, however, miss the regular flooding, funky air or general absence of sunlight. Nor the spiders. Won’t miss the spiders at all.

So I think I’ve gotten utility hookups and whatnot sorted out that I shouldn’t be offline for more than today, but there’s never guarantees with that sort of thing. Oh, if anyone reading this has me on any snail mailing lists for anything, please email me and I’ll get you my new address. Thanks. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Chart talks to Longwave about how their new album somehow turned into a concept record. There’s A Fire is out June 28.

Torr points us at the wonderfully weird video for Mercury Rev’s “In A Funny Way”.

Billboard previews the year in Ryan Adams releases, starting with Cold Roses out next week.

Young Mod Soldiers has a brief interview with Carson Ellis, the lady behind The Decemberists’ album artwork.

It occurs to me now that I will regret not labeling my boxes or even paying attention to what went where.

Okay, time to pack up the computer. Final dispatch from the underground! Seeya.

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  1. timothy says:

    You Ain’t No Picasso recently did an interview with Carson Eliis. It was cool.

  2. Mark says:

    I found a much better quality link for that Mercury Rev video. Very cool song.