Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

The Legionnaire's Lament

A pox on whoever stole The Decemberists’ gear. There’s a special place in Hell reserved for people who steal band’s gear. It’s downwind from the excessively flatulant. Colin Meloy talks about the theft to Oregon Live (via LHB) while Magnet has an interview with Meloy conducted in happier times, back when the band still had equipment.

But onwards and forward! The band has made a high-res version of the new video for “16 Military Wives” available via bit torrent. Very nice, I hope other bands take their cue. The song is the first single from Picaresque, which is out today. The band also play’s Lee’s Palace (with new gear!) on May 21. Largehearted Boy also points us at mp3s of their radio session with KEXP last week.

And speaking of Magnet, they finally respond to complaints that their cover artists for the last few years have been rather exclusively a sausage-fest by putting Sleater-Kinney on the cover. It’s sort of a valid complaint – the last time someone without a y-chromosone was on the cover was issue 34, with Sonic Youth (they’re on issue 67 now). That’s over five years. Anyway, the interview with the band was conducted by Pearl Jam’s Ed Vedder (you’re too old to still be called Eddie). SK’s new album The Woods is out May 24. Update: Correction – SK were Magnet’s cover models for issue 39, a mere four years ago. Regardless, that’s a lot of sausage in the interim. Thanks to satellite for doing the leg work.

I am thrilled that Belle & Sebastian have decided to collect all the tracks from their EPs onto a single-volume, double-disc collection. Really, I am. Because I didn’t really need to feel special for having gone to the trouble and expense of collecting all the individual EPs over the years… Ah well, I suppose it makes sense. Some of the bands very best songs – “Lazy Line Painter Jane”, I’m looking in your direction – appear on these EPs. Push Barman To Open Old Wounds will be out on May 24. From Donewaiting.

Some new show announcements of note: Clem Snide are at the Horseshoe on April 27, Ryan Adams is at the Phoenix May 3 and Spoon are at Lee’s Palace June 5 with The Clientele as support. See? I didn’t go see them in Austin – I’m making them come to ME.

NME has a typically Brit-boosting and rumour-mongering take on SxSW. And one of the bands who apparently conquered Austin last week, Kasabian, will return to Toronto on May 20 at the Phoenix with Mad Action as support. Tix $20, on sale Thursday.

More SxSW pics. These ones are from Friday, day and night shows. In order – Asobi Seksu at Emo’s Outside, Experimental Aircraft at Trophy’s, The Frames at Emo’s Outside, Calexico at Emo’s Outside, Kaiser Chiefs at Cedar Street Courtyard, Giant Drag at Blender Bar at the Ritz, Zykos at Blender Bar at the Ritz, Decibully at Friends, Saturday Looks Good To Me at Friends, Centro-Matic at Maggie Mae’s. Yes, there’s a lot of SLGTM pics of Ms Betty Marie Barnes. Duh.

While they haven’t announced WHO the villain in Spider-Man 3 will be, they have announced who will be playing the part… Lowell. Assuming that Venom is all CGI, he could be a passable Eddie Brock…? From Comic Book Resources

I am mildly ashamed that I didn’t pick up on the fact that the evil defence contractors in 24 – McLennan-Forster – were named for the two principals in The Go-Betweens. Stereogum, however, was on the ball. Or more accurately, Stereogum read Entertainment Weekly, who were on the ball. And shock! That’s all the 24 for today… I forgot to tape it last night and am still downloading the ep. I told you this week would be all discombobulated! Come back Thursday.

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  1. satellite says:

    Hasn’t Sleater-Kinney already been on the cover Magnet before? I remember that most of the cover was black except for their faces. And I think that was less that 5 years ago.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but if not, then Magnet seems to only like the double x chromosomes of the S-K gals.

  2. Frank says:

    well, definitely not from issue 40-till now – I’ve got all those ones. There are a couple gaps in the Magnet back issue page, though, so maybe they were on 36, 38 or 39. I don’t know how I could check that.

  3. satellite says:

    Because I’m annoying, I checked. They were on the cover of issue 39, which I guess would be about 4 years ago. jeez.. times goes quickly.

  4. sean says:

    Wasn’t there an episode of 24 on last night? A Tuesday without Frank’s take on 24 is just not right.

  5. Frank says:


    Gimme a couple days, alright? I’m not going be right in the head until the long weekend at least. Yeesh.

  6. Gary Campbell says:

    The silver lining to the B&S collection is that at least they decided not to put one new previously unheard before track on the disc. Like you, I can at least think, well I already have all those without feeling obliged to buy them all over again.

  7. Justin says:

    TV Guide also had the McLennan-Forster story too – just goes to show writers love the Go-Betweens…or something. I can’t wait for their new one!

  8. Matt says:

    i have about half of the B&S EPs, so i’m torn about what to do. They aren’t hard to find, but the compilation would be cheaper. Hmmm…

  9. Chris says:

    I don’t watch 24 so thx for the McLennan-Forster bit…neat

  10. The DCeiver says:

    My research leads me to believe that the first to hit on the 24-Go Betweens connection was the Architectural Dance Society (http://…/)

  11. troy steele says:

    Georgia from Yo La Tengo was on the cover circa-And Nothing Turned Itself…