Thursday, March 17th, 2005

Gone To Texas – Part 1

Okay, it’s waaaay too goddamn early in the morning. I am guesstimating that I will be up for… 22-23 hours today if I don’t get some sleep on the plane. Which I most certainly will.

I am all packed, travelling light. Gone over my SxSW schedule but am totally prepared to toss most of it out the window if someone convinces me there’s something worth seeing that I haven’t heard about. There’s really no point in travelling 1300 km to see acts that I can and will see at home. This is all about the new, baby. Not necessarily the hyped, but the new. And to that end, I spent last night doing some last-minute mp3 previews, checking out stuff that’s playing at soft spots in the schedule. Indecision, baby.

I will be trying to do some token blogging from Austin while I’m down there, but seeing as how I’m probably the only dude down there without a laptop or wi-fi or any other such hi-tech gubbinry, we’ll have to see about that. Filter is blogging the festival though, so go there for your fix.

If anyone reading this is going to be at the festival and spot me, say hello. And direct me to free food. I don’t have a cellphone or anything with which you could contact me, but if you spot an Asian guy with a Canadjun accent being hauled off by the Austin police, I’d appreciate you posting bail for me. I’m good for it.

…But in the meantime…

Remember how the other day I was wondering who the hell Matthew Vaughn, director of X-Men 3 was? Well The Beat was wondering the same thing. Short answer? He’s Mr Claudia Schiffer. That’s a load off my mind, since he’s obviously someone who can relate to his comic book geekboy audience. Since we’re all married to supermodels as well.

Brooklynvegan proves up to the task of raiding the KVRX vaults and offers up what he considers to be the best of the booty. Booty, in the old pirate sense of the word, not in the Beyonce sense.

Openers for the three-night Arcade Fire stand at the Danforth Music Hall at the end of April will be Wolf Parade and Final Fantasy. Aaah, the buzz! It’s deafening!

…And we’re off.

By : Frank Yang at 3:36 am
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  1. Chryde says:

    Yes, la Blogotheque again. We did the Brooklyn vegan job a few months ago. And we took some bands he missed, so you can dig a bit over here http://…/ and over there http://…/

    Lucky guy. Have fun in Austin.

  2. photojunkie says:

    Frank, you will have an amazing time. I wish I was going.

  3. anne... says:

    wooo! i looooove final fantasy & was keeping my fingers crossed that he’d open for the arcade fire in april. but wolf eyes too?! i feel very blessed to have a ticket.

  4. Heather says:

    yay, have fun!

  5. Mike says:

    Wish I was there! Hope you bring back some great pictures!

  6. david says:

    Frank… I finagled a layover in Austin after my conference in San Diego, so I caught one night of SXSW. Still a lot of fun, but Austin seems more crowded than ever.

    I saw the Marbles, Southern Bitch, the Moaners, M. Ward, Clem Snide, and the Dears (not bad considering I missed the afternoon parties). I wish I could have stayed for the weekend, but I have to be at work this afternoon, though I won’t be any good with an hour’s sleep.

    Oooh… la Blogotheque, you called me "L’infatigable" (I love it when you speak French).