Monday, March 28th, 2005

Calendar Girl

Splendid talks to Amy Millan of Stars about the duality of the Canadian thang and her solo record Honey From The Tombs, which is supposed to be out this Summer (I’d heard June). Synergy Magazine also talks to Amy about this and that.

Stars are touring across Canada as part of the Exclaim! tour and Amy plays a solo show May 6 at the Poor Alex in Toronto as part of Over The Top. I think the Exclaim! show is sold out (though maybe not quite yet) while ducats for Amy’s solo show go on sale this Thursday for $13. Also, you can stream the band’s performance on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic from last Wednesday – thanks to Brooklynvegan for the pointer. Set Yourself On Fire just got release in the US a few weeks ago, and so far reviews have been quite positive. And I’ve already talked about them conquering SxSW last week, so I won’t go there again.

BV also links to this Dutch site with a stream of a live Feist performance from 2004. I like how they describe her as “Alternative Norah Jones”. No wait, I don’t.

The Great Lake Swimmers will be playing an instore at Soundscapes at 6pm this Thursday (March 31). It’s probably just Tony Dekker solo, which is how he’ll be performing whilst opening for Crooked Fingers at the Horseshoe that night. Their new album Bodies And Minds came out a couple weeks ago and they’ll be performing a CD release show at the Music Gallery on April 2 though it is damn close to if not already sold out.

As for the headliners of that show, CMJ asks Eric Bachmann about sex, Skynyrd and bullfighting while Junkmedia just asks him about the new album, Dignity and Shame. Booooring. Also, Eastern Fiction has released a new 7″ Crooked Fingers single recorded live on their last tour opening for The Delgados. Both sides are taken from Dignity and Shame, the a-side is a duet with The Delgados’ Emma Pollack. The recording, done live to minidisc, is a little crackly in parts but the perfomance is quite excellent.

The new Fruit Bats album Spelled In Bones will be out on SubPop July 26.

Stylus looks to improve on perfection, coming up with a new tracklisting/order for Wilco’s Being There.

I ended up getting my Doves ticket this weekend after all – while Rotate downtown was sold out, Sonic Temple way up in North York still had a stack almost an inch thick and yet were completely sold out of Weezer tickets. Hooray for the suburbs.

Newsarama talks to creator Frank Miller about Sin City.

np – Kathleen Edwards / Back To Me

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  1. david says:

    Do you have Feist’s Leisure Suite EP (live with Tony Scherr)?

  2. Eva says:

    The other description of Feist on that Dutch page ("breekbare vrouwenstem met gitaar") means "fragile woman’s voice with guitar", if that makes you feel better… (important sidenote: fragile refers to voice, not to woman)

  3. Frank says:

    david – no I don’t, is it a US release? What else is on it?

    Eva – well, maybe a little. I guess.

  4. thomaus says:

    Okay, what the hell is that guitar blip in the middle of Stars’ One More Night? It sounds like the CD is skipping or something. I originally thought something was wrong with the track, but now I hear them playing it the same way live. I guess it’s meaningful, but it just sounds like somebody screwed up.

  5. Glenn says:

    I’ve heard Amy’s solo album. It’s rootsy and quite different than Stars. Very good stuff.

  6. Frank says:

    yeah, I’ve seen her play solo/live before and it was very much in a country vein – sounded great though. I’ve been waiting for her record to come out for over a year now…

  7. Dodge says:

    I saw Stars and Apostle of Hustle together a few weeks ago. AofH was strong! They stole the show. Stars I coulda took or left…it was a mediocre performance. Amy seemed drugged up the whole show, but what do I know really about that? Nada. Anyway, good post & site Frank!