Friday, February 25th, 2005

We're Comin' Out

Let’s combine the last two days posts – Yesterday’s about classic albums from the Eighties getting a makeover from the good folks at Rykodisc and Rhino and Wednesday’s about beloved bands from Minnesota! Billboard gets the details on the Replacements deluxe reissues coming out this Fall on Rykodisc (for the TwinTone albums) and Rhino (the Sire albums). It sounds like this will be in lieu of the box set that was reported last Fall which would have covered the entirety of the Mats’ career. So much for one-stop shopping. I wonder what kind of goodies they’ll have for Let It Be? It’s really the only album I’d consider re-buying.

As I think I’ve mentioned before, the unreleased material from the All For Nothing/Nothing For All compilation wasn’t anything to write home about. Granted, that comp only covered the Sire years, but I wonder how much of the stuff in the vaults from even their earlier days is really for anyone but collectors and completists? However, seeing as how Let It Be is one of the greatest albums in the history of history (yeah, the hyperbole knob is turned up a little bit), one can only hope that the other material from that era was similarly divine, at least to some degree.

And related – Paul Westerberg will have a compilation of with best-of tracks, rarities and odds and ends out sometime this Spring. catches up with former Slowdive-r Simon Scott, who is now fronting Televise. Scott was drummer for Slowdive on Just For A Day and Souvlaki before leaving the band and being replaced with Ian McCutcheon, who continues to play with Mojave 3.

To no one’s real surprise, the April 27 Arcade Fire show at the Danforth Music Hall sold out yesterday in something like four hours. So due to popular demand, a second show has been added for April 28th, same place, same price ($20), on sale now. And if I didn’t mention it before, part of the proceeds from the show will go to humanitarian relief in Haiti.

Thanks to For The Records for the tip that A Girl Called Eddy will be doing an instore at Soundscapes on Sunday March 6 at 4PM before playing the Horseshoe that night with Keren Ann. And on the topic of Soundscapes instores, I’ve been told that Jens Lekman will be doing one the following week before playing Wavelength.

Achtung Baby reports that Nellie McKay’s Get Away From Me will be coming out on DualDisc on March 22, probably the first title released in that format that’s of interest to me. But is it still a double-disc album? I assume the CD side will remain the same but the DVD side will have the album remastered in 5.1 and a live concert performance in high definition for those with really expensive televisions.

So since Lake Holiday broke up last Fall, I’ve been drifting musically, looking for some sort of new band sitch. Had a few false starts, but in the last couple months I’ve been playing with a couple of guys with promising results, but we’ve had a little difficulty pushing things forward with just two guitars and bass. Well last night, former LH drummer Clay swung by the rehearsal space to pick up some gear and climbed behind the kit for a little while. HOLY SHIT, I’d forgotten how good it was to play with a drummer – it was on a whole different level. A shame Clay is now busy with bass duties for Beneath Augusta… I have gots to find me a drummer. Anybody know one?

np – Patterson Hood / Killers And Stars

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  1. garry says:

    get me a kit and rehearsal space and i could be a drummer

  2. Coolfer says:

    I’m looking forward to the Mats and Westerberg stuff. Doesn’t matter the Mats’ album, I’ll buy the reissue.

  3. Alia says:

    So what was the point of remastering the albums a couple years ago if they’re going to remaster them again?? Are they remastering the remasters? I like this though. Any excuse to buy more Mats is good enough for me.

  4. Frank says:

    yeah, I’m not thrilled about re-buying Let It Be for the second time in like three years, but I’m hearing the bonuses will be worth it. And passing on my old copy to someone who has yet to see the light? That’s doing God’s work.