Monday, February 7th, 2005

Shop Smart… Shop S-Mart

Dark Horizons reports that director Sam Raimi wants to go back to the well one more time for Evil Dead 4, once again starring the inimitable Bruce Campbell as Ash. They also get some information on the remake of the first Evil Dead movie which will not be made by Raimi, not star Campbell and not have a main character named Ash. Instead, it will tell the tale of a plucky young English boy in a depressed mining town who grows up to be a ballet dancer.

And speaking of going back to the well – perhaps once too often – American Dad? Meh. It’s strange world we live in where a cartoon about a CIA agent and his family, an East German skier whose brain has been transferred into a goldfish and an alien escapee from Area 51 can seem so formulaic. Maybe it’ll get better when the series starts proper on May 1, but I’m not holding my breath. Cause that’s a long way off and I need the oxygen.

The new Batman Begins commercial that debuted during the Super Bowl last night. And for more Super Bowl advertising without all the annoying program interruptions, go to iFilm.

Pitchfork is first out of the gates with info on The Mountain Goats’ new record, The Sunset Tree, out April 26.

Whatevs points us at this thread from The Velvet Rope which latches onto a single line from a Merge press release that seems to imply that there’s a Dinosaur Jr reunion is in the works. I take this with an enormous grain of salt. While a promo show or two to go along with the re-release of the first three Dinosaur Jr albums this Spring featuring both J Mascis and Lou Barlow wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility – they supposedly no longer hate each other – but I couldn’t imagine them working together again in any real capacity.

Acthung Baby has a nice live Rachael Yamagata mp3 in celebration of her recent appearance on The OC. Is she making meowing noises at the end of the song? Looking at that pic on his site, I can officially say that Mischa Barton creeps me the fuck out. And not just because she was the vomiting dead girl in The Sixth Sense, and I think that alone is plenty of reason to find someone creepy.

No time to go through that SxSW list yet. This week, I hope.

This past weekend has left me a wee bit discombobulated – besides going out Friday night, I went out to St Catherines on Saturday to celebrate by friend Chris’ 30th birthday. His is the first domino of birthdays that sees all my friends at my age stepping gingerly into their thirties. Ironically, we celebrated by carrying on pretty much as we did about a decade ago in undergrad. I’m talking drinking to excess and beyond, wandering about in the cold going to awful clubs, going home and deciding to watch Old School at three in the morning, sleeping on a horribly uncomfortable hardwood floor… Yes, I am far too old for this shit but it’s fun to forget that every once in a while. Oh, and on the drive home the next morning, the radio was carrying on with some awful retro “1994 weekend” theme which was basically the soundtrack of first-year university. Old old old.

np – Six By Seven / :04

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  1. Torr says:

    Mischa Barton was however great in the little-known film Lawn Dogs with Sam Rockwell.

  2. bsearles says:

    Holy CRAP! That was MISCHA BARTON in Lawn Dogs! I never connected it.

    My world is now officially upside down. That’s one of my favorite movies ever.

  3. John says:

    Has "the edge" (and what edge are they on? The station should be called 102.1 "the fence. Have they reached the bottom of the barrell. Whats next all "nickelcrap soundlike" weekend?

  4. Bradley says:

    American Dad was indeed carpola! Like a less funny Family Guy with no glue holding it together. A talking Alien instead of Brian the dog and a Goldfish instead of Stewie. Man.

  5. Bradley says:

    I meant CRAP-ola. Not Car-pola. It was carpola too.

  6. cody says:

    personally, i felt like american dad was very intentionally trying to be formulaic, sort of to satirize the family sitcom setup by subverting it with such outlandish characters. that said, it still wasn’t very good. but i guess you can’t judge a series by an episode.

  7. Rachel says:

    American Dad was awful, just plain not as good as Family Guy, or Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which isn’t even about anything, and yet it was still more pointed and satirical. How sad is that? And, Frank, when you hit 30, you’ll show all your friends what it’ll look like to be dead sexy at 30. They only wish. . . .