Tuesday, February 15th, 2005


Shows! Shows! Shows!

Newly reunited UK post-punk legends Gang Of Four are coming to town to play the Phoenix on May 14. Tickets are on sale February 24 and run a steep $27.50, but what are you gonna do? They’re doing it for the money and by God, they’ll have their money.

On a more contemporary tip, France’s Phoenix make their Toronto debut on April 8 at the Opera House, ably supported by Dogs Die In Hot Cars and Joy Zipper. Tickets for this one run $17.50. Phoenix made quite the impression on some of the music bloggers down south during their last US tour. This may not be one to miss.

The Decemberists bring Picaresque to Lee’s Palace on May 21. Their show at the Horseshoe last year was fantastic. I missed the second show at Lee’s in June, but will definitely be in attendance this time around. Willy Mason supports. Thanks to Donewaiting for the info.

Finally, Prefuse 73 and Battles are at Lee’s Palace May 8, tickets $15.

The Wedding Present’s new one Take Fountain is in stores today! Or it is in theory, anyway. I don’t expect it to actually be in stores today. Maybe this week, but today? Not likely. Pitchfork thinks it’s just okay. Spoilt Victorian Child celebrates the occasion with a tribute and some MP3s. If you don’t know the Weddoes, that’s a good place to start. From Indie MP3.

Death Cab For Cutie’s last release on Barsuk, The John Byrd live mini-album, is out March 1. Details here, from LHB.

Tandem and The Baltimore Sun (bugmenot:johnq@mailinator.com/bugmenot) talk to Shivaree’s Ambrosia Parsley. Shivaree are doing two shows at the Lula Lounge tonight and Thursday. I’m going tonight, so if it’s good I’ll report it Wednesday and the rest of you can scurry down for Thursday.

I am listening to Emm Gryner’s Songs Of Love & Death. Hearing Therapy?’s “Nowhere” done as a folky campfire song is just… strange. I used to have a copy of Troublegum on tape. No, that’s all I have to say about that.

Zoilus contemplates the “two solitudes” of Canadian Music. Celine Dion vs Arcade Fire, the Junos vs Wavelength. That sort of thing. A good read.

And speaking of Arcade Fire, Pitchfork interviews em.

24: God, it was like the Behruz says stupid things hour. “My father is a terrorist! We’re all terrorists!” What was more amazing is that no one in the hospital reacted to this one bit. “I hate you! I’ve always hated you!” That’s great, kid. Did you forget your dad has been trying to kill you for the past four hours? He doesn’t want to bond. Otherwise, not the most engaging episode so far. The plot moved along and it’s always nice to see parallel story threads converge (ie – the Araz family, Jack & Tony’s travelling roadshow). The bit with Edgar and his mom? Not as moving as they’d probably hoped. Or maybe I’m just a cold sonofabitch.

np – Chapterhouse / Whirlpool

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  1. Paul says:

    No, you’re right. I was watching the bit between Edgar and his mother thinking "WTF?" Is this a Lifetime Movie?

  2. travis says:

    Phoenix should be playing at the Phoenix. get it? hahahahahaah

  3. Frank says:

    It would have been more interesting if Edgar hadn’t backed down from whatsherface and instead had escaped CTU, stolen a helicoptor and went to rescue his mom. But no, he did the noble thing and went back to work. Wimp.

  4. Marco says:

    Phoenix is the friggin cat’s seventh nipple man! They cook it like they own it!

    See you there captain chromewave.

  5. torr says:

    I’ve got a track from the new wedding present album on my site. What do you mean about the cd not being in stores today? In the u.s. Cds are always instores the tuesday they are released. I think I remember that being the case when I shopped at dr disc in london, ont. too, is it not?

  6. Frank says:

    I just meant that the stores around here don’t consistently get stuff in stock ON the day of release, particularly from smaller labels who go through at least one middleman distributor, maybe more. It’s hit or miss, but I’ve been disappointed a number of times when hoofing it to the record store after work on Tuesday only to be told that they don’t have it in stock yet.

    And then I go home and weep.

  7. torr says:

    I’ve read good things about Joy Zipper, anyone have their albun?

  8. torr says:

    I’ve read good things about Joy Zipper, anyone have their albun?

  9. Frank says:

    I had a quickie review of the Joy Zipper record on Sunday, but I’ve been persuaded to give it another shot before passing judgement. And if I go to that Phoenix show, then I may as well get more familiar with their stuff.

  10. Paul says:

    The Joy Zipper LP is actually pretty nice the more time you spend with it. And I’ve had plenty of time, considering it’s been floating around since late 2003.

  11. Eugene says:

    Check out DCFC Ben’s beard on this report on the live EP!


  12. Eugene says:

    One more comment…March 1 is release day crazy! Ivy, DCFC, Kathleen Edwards, Doves, Boo Radleys anthology, Elvis Delivery Man reissue…what else am I missing?!?!?

    oh yeah…this one: Sammy Hagar & the Waboritas "Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Tour [DVD]"