Monday, January 10th, 2005

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Welcome back, Jack. A very canny move by Fox to broadcast 1/6th of the new season of 24 over 48 hours – it gives them a little more time to get all the pieces into place to hook the audience. So halfway through said premiere, how have they done so far? For the benefit of folks outside North America who don’t want things ruined for them before they get a chance to see it, we’ll dust off the ol’ “spoiler” tag and get into it, shall we? Highlight to read (note to those who requested the spoiler tags – read comments at your peril!):

The more things change… Even though he’s now based out of Washington, Jack is still at odds with authority of all kinds – but that’s his schtick, it’s what he does. Gonzo shoots himself out of a cannon, Jack Bauer usurps authority. He’s also taking a page from Chase’s book last season and is bumping uglies with his boss’ daughter and trying to keep it secret (though I think it’s her who’s embaressed of him this time around, right?). But to prove you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, the premiere featured some very un-Jack behaviour – ie, smiling and wearing a suit, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing too much more of that. I don’t really understand why of all the old cast members to keep, they kept Chloe, but at least they ditched the vest and she’s not acting like a total retard.

The terrorist plot, I’m not very excited about but if the writers stay true to form, they’ll cease being a factor in the show within a few weeks. Who will the realy big bad be? I don’t know, but I’m hope hope hoping it’s aliens. Jack Bauer vs aliens. Wouldn’t be more ridiculous than some of the stuff they’ve pulled out of their hats in previous storylines. As I mentioned before, they’re playing it somewhat safe thus far in putting events into motion – kidnappings, random stupid people doing stupid things, dumbass civilians, dumbass superior officers… just like the good ol’ days. And did you notice that they’ve put the CTU security officers in red shirts? Just like Star Trek – it makes them easier to shoot!

But on the whole, I found it reasonably engrossing and will certainly have the VCR set for tomorrow night (I won’t be home to watch it in real-time). I won’t give them points for originality thus far, but full marks for execution – they’re moving things along like pros. Even though we’ve seen much of this before, I understand there’s really only so many openings they can go with. It’s how they carry it out over the course of the season that really counts. I’m still pulling for aliens.

And on a meta note, did anyone find it strange to hear Keifer Sutherland using his happy voice for Ford during the commercials and using his intense voice for the show? End spoilers.

And what have we got that’s non-24 related? Not much. Johnny Dowd will be opening things up for Neko Case next Sunday at the Phoenix.

Despite promising us a new redesign and content for today, Pitchfork has failed to live up to their word. SHAME SHAME SHA– *ring ring* — oh, hang on. Hello? Oh, hi Pot. No, I’m sorry, Kettle’s not here right now. Can I take a message?

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  1. Paul says:

    So last night was the first time I’ve ever watched 24. Ever. And I got hooked right away (I’ve already got two hours tonight penciled in for eps 3 & 4).

    Not really knowing much of the backstory or the older characters makes me feel like I’m probably missing out on something, but I had no trouble immediately liking and disliking who I was supposed to.

    (p.s. – Pitchfork usually slacks a few hours when something big is promised. I’d only worry if it doesn’t launch by noon or so.)

  2. Pete says:

    It may be the same thing over again, we might expect the obvious, but I don’t care! 24 is back and just the way I like it. None of this stupid slow down side story garbage, it gets straight to the point. I can’t wait for the next 2 hours, this is the smartest thing FOX has ever done, 4 hours in 2 nights.

  3. Dave says:

    Did anyone else notice how ridiculously ad-ridden episodes were this time around? Capitalising on the show’s success was global, with their 3 in-program-ads, and the first hour being what? like 30 minutes long? Is it just me, or are ads starting to get a bit ridiculous?

  4. Frank says:

    Paul – there’s really no backstory whatsoever this year. The only things they referenced were a) that Chase and Kim (Jack’s daughter) had moved away, b) that Jack and Chloe worked together before and c) Jack has a history of bad days. If there’s one good thing they accomplished with season three, it’s that they showed everyone else the door.

  5. sam says:

    i watched the premiere with the ex, to whom i’d only shown an episode from last season and the last act of the season (chase getting his hand cut off and jack weaping in his truck). she didn’t know any backstory but this year it seems to be perfect for that as everyone is new. she got hooked, baby! a good sign that the show is working. we might be a little jaded from last season horrible missteps.

    it looks like the writers have a handle on things compared to last season. although it’s known territory i don’t think they’ll fall into the obvious anytime soon. we’re just starting.

  6. Paul says:

    The message on PF’s front page has been amended and now ends with "Seriously, thank you for everything. We’ll see you Tuesday, January 11th!"

  7. Erika Herzog says:

    i love love love you for putting the spoilers in white text! yay.

    cause usually if there are spoilers even if i don’t want to read them i end up doing so cause they are right there.

    the white space was also very elegant.

    great job!

  8. bozairzere says:

    dude, i hadn’t seen 24 before and i gotta agree its good, especially in the "if your new to it its still gonna get ya" writing.

  9. RD says:

    I’ve been watching since season one, and I was seriously STANDING three feet away from my TV watching this show. It sucks me in and makes me antsy watching it. A good thing.

    Regarding spoilers: My friend was traveling in Thailand between season 2 and three and was grouped with some Aussies and they were talking about how much they loved 24 and couldn’t wait to get back home to catch up. My friend said she couldn’t believe that XXXXX was the mole and killed XXXX’s XXXX. Mouths dropped as season 1 was only half way through for the aussies. oops.

  10. blavendan says:

    so the pot called the kettle BACK. hahaha. i get it. sheesh